A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32109  by Juliette Voltaire
Location: Quality Quidditch Supplies • Date: A Rainy Day in November

It was strange being back.

Juliette brushed her fingers over a table of knit team jumpers, the stark orange of the Chudley Cannons catching her eye. That was another life, another time. Back when Nick was still around, when they played together on the same team. Even now being in the shop she was afraid someone would recognize her; it had been several years now that she had been living as Carine Callait, star carpet racer, and too many months since she had been on the 'B Team' for her fallout over her boyfriend's disappearance.

It was strange for more than one reason, she supposed.

With her short hair and much better English, she might have been unrecognizable to anyone who didn't already know her...at least, as Juliette anyway. Instead she was just Carine, in her Moroccoan head scarf and with her delicate umbrella, browsing the wares of a sport she no longer played.

Sometimes she missed it.

Mostly she didn't.

With a sigh to herself, the young woman moved on to the display of gloves, the real reason she was here. Carpet racing gear just didn't do the trick quite as well as Quidditch gloves, and if she was in town for the exhibition she might as well do some shopping.

Hopefully she wouldn't regret that choice later.
 #32451  by Reyan Parks
"S-s-sorry," he mumbled, his tongue as jittery as his fluttering heart. No matter how much assistance he required, Reyan hated to ask for help. As the clerk walked passed him completely ignoring his request, he felt as relieved as he felt aggravated.

"Yes, keep ignoring me," he narrated as he glimpsed at his pocket watch. He had been staring at the same display of gloves for the past hour, unable to make a choice, it was getting slightly ridiculous.

Biting the nail of his thumb he turned towards the display and once again attempted to gain enough courage to ask a clerk for assistance.
 #32738  by Ginny Weasley
Rain splattered the cobblestones of Diagon Alley. The air smelled fresh, cleansed of its usual faint scent of Floo Powder and apothecary supplies. Other shoppers hurried by with disgruntled expressions, but for once, Ginny Weasley was glad of a little bad weather: it gave her an excuse to keep her hood up.

Not that she expected any sort of scene to arise if someone recognized her. She had not brought Harry along for her shopping, for one thing, which greatly alleviated the staring. And Holyhead Harpies fans were generally very sweet, usually only stopping Ginny for a quickly quilled signature and a good-luck wish for her next game. But even so, it was nice to have scored a quiet Sunday afternoon all to herself.

Heading back toward the Leaky Cauldron with her bags full of potions supplies and owl nuts, Ginny was feeling content enough to step inside Quality Quidditch supplies for old time's sake. The bell tinkled overhead as she entered the warm, cramped shop, which smelled wonderfully of leather and broom wood. Ginny took her time strolling through the teetering aisles of supplies, savoring the feeling of browsing casually, for once, through the different flight supplies and service kits.

She was just bending over a strange-looking apparatus -- something to help with long-distance flights -- when she heard a stammering voice behind her. Ginny turned. In the next aisle over, a slender, short-haired woman was running her hands rather wistfully over the folded piles of Cannons jumpers. Beside her, a nervous-looking man of about her age seemed to have just been thoroughly ignored by a passing clerk.

"Those ones are awful," she said to the man, who was holding a pair of gloves in one hand and chewing the fingernails of his other. "Potage's gloves wear down in less than a year, they're not real leather. Viktor Krum has got a pretty good line, though."