A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32179  by Andi Foerster
It was the Spirits Ball, and Andi was happy to finally be out of St Mungos. Okay, not permanently, but he could at least have halloween to do as he liked, right? He could have a bit of time away and see how he felt; after all, Florian was back in Germany and there wasn't much else to do.

Eventually, he came across a funny looking plant off to the side of the party. It seemed a little withered, a little sad...a rare kind, at that. He wasn't sure what it was, actually. He knew Florian likely had seen one before, but not Andi. He had no idea of its dangerous aspects, and in his naivety, he brought out some pepper-up potion. Just a few drops to brighten it up!

Only...Andi felt a few drops wasn't quiet enough. Ah! five hefty glugs should do it! And Merlin, did it do it, alright. The thing began to spindle out, vines slithering like tentacles, teeth growing large, mouth agape as it began to expand further. Andi stumbled back, gasping.

"Merlin!" He screeched, eyes wide as it continued to grow, larger and larger. It was bigger that a giant, he was sure! He...really didn't know what to do right now...even as he fumbled for his wand.
 #32186  by Vivianne Vale
Vivianne was enjoying some fresh air away from Iver Hall. It was relaxing! She enjoyed the bustle of the crowd, and all the fun stores open late at Hogsmeade. The concert would be starting soon but it was already packed. Such excitement!

After a bit she decided to take a breather from the crowd, walking towards the outskirts of Hogsmeade and she munched on a candied apple. That's when she heard the screech and a rustling noise close by. Curious about what kind of Halloween shenanigans were going on, she quietly sprinted towards the sound, rounding the corner to see....

A giant Venus fly trap? How had it grown so large?! Her eyes went wide with surprise and excitement. Such an interesting specimen! It definitely looked hungry though, and Viv was all too familiar with biting plants. Hungry plants were extra dangerous. It was only then that she took notice of the young man standing way too close to the giant plant.

"Hey! Keep moving back! That beauty is hungry and you're looking like the perfect snack!" She gripped her wand while considering the best spell to restrain the beast without killing it.
 #32190  by Natasha Porter
Tasha always enjoyed an occasional “security” gig, particularly when they took her to charming little spots like Hogsmeade. They were usually quiet, and at worst, she had to deal with a few drunks or rambunctious youths. She strolled around the streets of the town with an enchanted, permanently warm mug of mulled cider, occasionally sipping keeping an eye and an ear out for trouble.

Her brow furrowed a bit in concern as she heard shouting more urgently than she wanted to hear from somewhere in the distance. She dumped the remnants of her cider to the ground, made the mug disappear with a snap of her fingers, whipped out her wand and took off jogging towards the sound, looking around carefully to see if she could find the source of it.
 #32192  by Andi Foerster
"W-why is it so big!? I didn't think it would do that! I just thought it was sad!" He squealed, shuffling further and further back, yelping as one of the growing vines snapped at him like a whip. That would have hurt for sure! He was so thankful to have the woman show up; at least this way someone could witness his murder and maybe flub the eulogy to make him seen like a hero fighting a vicious beast instead of a coward.

He tried to stand, but the newly created being tripped him with a root, a sap-like drool dripping from its gaping jaw.

"What do we do!?" He yelled, pitch heightening toward the end.
 #32197  by Vivianne Vale
"Didn't think it would -- did you do this? What did you do --" But Vivianne cut off as the saw the vine attempt to whip him. She needed to stop this thing from growing more - and fast!

"Reducio!" She pointed her wand at the giant Venus fly trap. Maybe that would bring it to normal size! The plant stopped moving for a moment and shuddered. For a moment it looked like it was about to shrink, but then it suddenly started to flail. At least it wasn't growing anymore, but one of its toothy heads was headed right for Andi!
 #32237  by Natasha Porter
Tasha knew where the sounds were coming from now, and she broke into a full sprint as spells started to fly through the night air, vaulting over a low fence into a garden, and rounding the corner of a building to see just what was happening.

"Ministry of Magic, free--" she began to shout before realizing that there was a giant plant about to eat someone. She swore loudly and flung a curse at the maw reaching for Andi, the force of the spell slamming into its side just in time to knock the bite away from the boy's leg and into a wooden trellis instead.

Of course, now the thing had two other targets flinging spells at it to go after. It slowly turned its head back towards the girls, slimy ichor dripping from its jaw, an eyeless face still seeming to regard them. Though it didn't move, two wicked-looking barbed tendrils shot out of the mass of twisted vines towards Tasha and Vivianne.
 #32251  by Vivianne Vale
"Nice shot!" Vivianne called out to Natasha, looking back at her with a grin. However, it was a mistake to look away from the giant plant for even a moment. One of the barbed vines wrapped tightly around her right boot. Viv yelped as it yanked her leg, causing her to loose her balance and fall flat on her back as it dragged her closer. Shit!

"Diffindo!" She yelled with her wand pointed at the tendril, severing it. She quickly waved her wand to untangle the remaining piece of vine wrapped around her boot, while scrambling to get back to her feet. Vivianne had to admit that she was a bit too close to this thing's 'head' than even she would like.
 #32369  by Andi Foerster
Andi squarked in terror, tripping over himself, snatching his hands and feet away from the plant as it attempted to grasp at him. He reached for his wand but it caught on the roots and snapped at the tapered tip. Merlin! He paled, face distraught as he clambered back further.

"J-Just a pepper-up potion!" He yelped, breathing heavy before looking right at the plant. "Why are you gong for me!? I gave you life! I gave you power - maybe by accident, but I'm basically your plant-dad!"

Apparently he had resorted to trying to reason with a carnivorous botanical beast.
 #32461  by Natasha Porter
"Don't think it can understand you, kid!" Tasha grunted as she did a forward roll to avoid getting wrapped up in a tentacle, though that got her rather unfortunately closer to the thing's mouth. It's attention was for the moment, however more focused on Vivianne and the thing opened its maw hungrily as it lunged for her!
 #33083  by Vivianne Vale
"Eep!" She was barely back on her feet and the fly trap head was already above her! "incendio!" Vivianne waved her wand and blast of fire burst from it's tip, singeing the right side of the fly trap's head as it reared back and seemed to flail in disapproval. "Sorry!" Was she apologizing to a plant? Yup. Even if it was trying to eat her. A fire spell would be the easiest way to vanquish it, but Vivianne would hate seeing it burn to the ground! If only she could undo whatever crazy pepper-up potion the boy had given it!
 #33102  by Andi Foerster
Andi's eyes widened as the flames began to engulf the sentient flora; he stared, unsure of what to do or say or, well, how to even help! He was useless at these kinds of things!

"Are we just gonna make it into a bonfire!? It's not even the fifth of November!" He yelped, clearly unable to remain serious.