A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Simon took it, feeling the weight. It felt good. He twisted it bout for a moment, executing a few moves with an imaginary opponent, then said,

"I made the mistake in the past of not telling my girlfriends things, because I thought it was for the best. Thought it would just be better, they might not understand, might get hurt... but it always came back to hit me upside the head. Women have this funny way of not appreciating being lied to. If you are really a friend of Jodie you would appreciate that and not be asking me to keep stuff from her. She knows about my past and I promised her I would always be honest with her. So that is that. I don't have secrets from her..."
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"Yeah, sure you don't." Magda said, unconvinced. "How nice for her to find such a nice boy." Her tone dripped in sarcasm.

She moved away, hanging up a training bag she had brought with her, prepping it to be used as a target. She then brought out her own knife and turned to him, clearly not wanting to discuss Jodie anymore.

"This blade is unique. When unsheathed, it will coat itself in an icy layer, keeping it sharp and pristine. What you need to do is strike hard and fast; cutting and slicing needs to be done swiftly - it will cut precisely but you can't hesitate. This is not a blackmail or stand off knife. By that, I mean you can't hold it to an opponents throat and goad them. It's a killing knife."

"To stab, you need to plunge it in, I recommend angling it upwards, as you will need to pull it out fast. Hesitate and the ice will stick to the flesh. You drag it out hard, so you need the upper body strength. Pull it down, and flick it to re-sheath and sharpen the blade for another strike. But usually? You won't need another hit; as soon as you pull it out, the flesh begins to freeze over, making it nearly impossible to move and triggering swift affects of frost bite."

"Any questions?"
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Simon turned from her silently, moved to the bag, and carried out the motions she indicated to the letter. Turning back to her then he said,

"Yes, I do... why do you have so little faith in me when it comes to your friend? Why do you continue to mistrust my every word? Your only real fight with me is because of your disappointment that your sister did not take your gift more seriously, or the bond you tried to create with it. But that is not my fault. And you have returned it to me of your own free will. Why not just let go of your hang ups and give me a chance? I see you are sort of trying for Jodie's sake, but it's like nails on a chalk board to you. And you would be happy if she would forget about me. But I have given you no reason to not trust my word or intentions..."
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Magda looked to him, frowning deeply, and then looked at the gaping hole that froze over in the target.

"Because I saw what you did to Petra." She spoke seriously. "You can say all you want that she got obsessed with you, that she was overbearing, that it was her own fault. But you encouraged her. You told her about your fucked up life and fantasies about past girlfriends, you showed her intensity and passion, you brought a camaraderie to lust and obsession and bewilderment for another person. You saw these traits in her, knowing how much pain they caused you, and instead of warning her, you fuelled the fire. You comforted her, telling her that she was simply like-minded to you and misunderstood. The only time you cared was when she started to turn her feeling to you."

"You snatched her attention from me as a comfort. Before you, she would at least talk to me - and yes, that isn't your problem. But you saw the wedge you drove between us; anybody could have seen it. But you continued to go further, despite how you knew exactly what it was like to have people pulled away due to your intensity. Petra had always been on the edge, and I thought after she ran away, you would see this and genuinely try to help her. But you didn't. Nobody did. Not even me. We all locked her away and pretended she didn't exist - out of sight, out of mind."

She glared at him.

"Jodie is different. She is my best friend, and I don't want to lose her too because of you and your intoxicating seduction. I don't trust a man that can somehow attract the interest of a lesbian, the mistress, and a genuinely nice person all at the same time."
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For a moment Simon just blinked back at her with wide eyes. But finally he knit his brow said,

"No... almost none of that is true Magda. You have imagined up most of it in your head. I wasn't lying when I told you how it was. Your sister and I did not even know each other in truth. We hardly spoke. We wanted to fight and prove who was best at first. That was the extent of our interactions. Then... she took me for one, fucking night. And we did not hold deep, intimate conversations. I did not encourage her. In fact I did things to discourage if anything. I didn't stay to cuddle after, and tell her how she needed to embrace anything. She told me she did not want me falling for her. I told her nothing of past girlfriend, fantasies, or the like as you said, and she never asked. She said "You are coming with me" and that was that. Sheer coincidence I was into that. You are telling me, as a grown adult, I should have known better then to have gone along and slept with her? You?... who would have slept with half the men you know by now if you could figure out how? With out giving a thought to how attached they may or may not get? Some how I am special in that I should have known she would become obsessed with me?"

This world in her head needed to end today, that was all Simon knew!

"As for a wedge between you" he said, shaking his head. "I saw nothing after that did not exist before. Mostly I had no idea of your relationship as sisters. You think we spoke of you in our almost non existent conversations? But even if I had! I did not go further. Not only did we not sleep together again, but I did not even kiss her, or make eyes at her! I did nothing to hurt your relationship. And I am sorry if you want a scapegoat for why you didn't get along with your sister, but I am not it. And I know I am an easy target, but you need to stop being such a coward and wake up to the real people that drove that wedge. Mistress Iver... and your old lover boy Viktor."

He paused to let that sink in, then said, "Did it never occur to you how long he had to have been talking, planning, and plotting with her? Seducing her away with promises of a new life? You don't think that is what drove the wedge? Her knowing she was talking with your old love who betrayed you? You don't think her own guilt made her distance herself even more? Or that to justify her foolish actions she had to make herself believe you were the fool? That she had to accept whatever excuses he gave her about you for why he mistreated you? Open your eyes Magda..."

It was all something Simon had figured out long ago. But he hadn't spoken of it to Magda because... well it didn't seem his place. But this twisted story in her mind was going to get in the way of his relationship with Jodie! She needed to face the facts even she must know subconsciously on some level...
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Magda grit her teeth as he spoke, feeling the anguish bubbling up inside her.

"Shut up!" She yelled, right in his face. "Shut up!" She screamed again, throat burning.

"You know nothing about Viktor! You're just a low-life, cheap, beady-eyed, fucked up, creepy, predatory, self-conscious, jealous little freak!" She yelled, punctuating each insult.

"He didn't betray me! He didn't plot against me! He loved me!" But it was clear by her face that she knew it was a lie; her eyes desperate to try and convince him. "He didn't betray me."

She took a jarring breath, bringing a hand to her chest as she tried to calm down her outburst. She leaned against the tree, and slid down it, bringing her knees up and pressing her knuckled to her lips, staring ahead.

"I thought he loved me."
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Simon was quiet a moment, then said, "He lured you sister away... set me up to take the fall for no good reason... and then did nothing to help her when Astrid got her hands on her again. This is his own sister. There are almost no men in this entire world that could stand up to your sister and talk to her on the same level. Her husband would be one of them, and I am sure her own brother would be another. But he did nothing but hide in his home. Isn't that a bit... odd?"

Simon paused, took a breath, then said,

"I don't know why he orchestrated all of it. Not for sure. But I have thought a lot about it and only one thing makes sense. He did it as revenge against Astrid. And he sure as hell didn't care if you hurt... because you were merely an object of pleasure... which his sister took away. So he decided to take away her object of pleasure. He lured away Petra. Must have had a lot of conversations with her, or spies, to figure out who I was. He then set me, making it look as though she set me up. Just to make sure I wouldn't help her, or take revenge on her part. Just to show what a craven little coward he is. And then he let her get found out. He did not make it hard. He wanted her found out and dragged back to Astrid. That was the revenge on his sister for taking away his own play thing."

Taking a knee in front of Magda so he could look into her eyes, Simon said, "He deserves your hate and scorn more then anyone I know. I know he has mine... He isn't even worthy to be called a man. Say what you like about me. I would never hurt innocent parties like that for personal revenge."
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Magda tried to avoid his eyes at first, but as he continued to speak, as the silence began to sit, she finally glanced up at him.

"I don't like you. Not even just because of all that stuff I said; I don't like you much anyway. Yeah, you can fight, but you're also weird, and intense, and awkward, and rude, and embarrassing. I don't know what Jodie sees in you; I bet she could have even had Ivan if she wanted him. Maybe even Mister Iver."

She looked away, scowling.

"But that doesn't make you less right..."
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Simon's eye twitched a moment, then said, "Well... you are also rude and awkward as fuck. You don't see me going around telling you about it ever chance I get. Maybe that's something Jodie appreciates about me. Didn't your mother ever tell you that if you can't say something nice then shut the hell up?"

Simon stood, flipped the knife in his hand a moment, then said, "I think most people figure you are too pretty to tell the truth to. But that's not me. I am going to tell you the truth whether you like it or not. Truth is I am not any worse then you, I am just as good a friend to Jodie as you, and you like to keep a lot of shitty people close to you in life. Even if you don't like me, you would be wise to hear me out more."

Simon turned his head, looking out at nothing as he thought of Viktor... and what he wanted to do to him...
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Magda rested her forehead on her knees, avoiding his gaze whether he was actually looking at her or not.

"I'm not at awkward as you." She retorted. "And stop with the 'you're too pretty' shit."

She pursed her lips, shaking her head.

"The Mistress likes her women to be perfect, flawless, blemishless until she decides to put the mark there. I watched Petra scrub herself clean, taking potion after potion, smother herself in salves - just to keep herself flawless for her. Astrid had such a hold on her that Petra gave up a hefty portion of her training, completely missing out on close combat just to ensure no injuries. I knew that every new bruise, cut, bite, scar came from Astrid. Maybe that's why I purposely allowed myself to get punched a few times, pretended to be scared of surgery or magic to fix my broken nose, refused to have my teeth straightened - anything to make myself look less appealing."

"And all I hear now is that I'm pretty. I sound so conceited...but Pretty Lina...is not me. I never want it to be me. I dread it being me. It felt nice being found attractive...and then she asked me. Tried to blackmail me. I'm not just pretty to boys...Astrid saw it. Even with scars and bruises and rough hands and shorter hair. She asked me to join her and Nathan..."

"Viktor was different. Where my features repelled Astrid, he seemed to like a girl with a fighter spirit. He traced every scar with his fingers, kissed every bruise, encouraged me to keep fighting and become the viking I was in a past life."

She lifted her head and stared up at the shedding tree branches.

"When we were together, I almost wanted to see how far I could push it...how much damage I could do to make sure Astrid looked away, but he would still look at me. I never got to the chance, since he'd already moved on with a new wife...she's incredibly beautiful.More beautiful than Petra, or Jodie, or that Veela. Stunning...and I can't stop thinking about it. He said he liked me because I looked different...but he had chosen the bride, and she was just...perfect....At first I thought he just didn't want to have someone to remind him of me. But time went by and he never even spoke to me - completely ignored me - I thought it was all an act."

She took a breath.

"You don't have to say it, you know. I've known for a long time that he was playing me...but that doesn't stop the way I felt with him."
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Simon shrugged, then said, "Sorry..."

What was he suppose to say or do now? Situations like this made him uncomfortable.

"It sucks to love someone and not have them love you back..."

Should he just leave her alone? Probably...

Simon rubbed the back of his neck, then said, "Should I erm... go?"