A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #32651  by Jane Hadley
Location: Hadley-Winters Home • Date: Fall 2003

Dinner had been quiet. Other than Louis, displaying his rather impressive mathematical skills by counting every bite he took, there had not been much conversation. Jane had not complained, of course, as she had a natural preference for quiet meals.

Once the table had been cleared, she had stiffly hugged her nephew goodnight and she had retreated to her room. She had not been tired, but she had been desperate the evade her sister's constant worried looks. Something about Vera's guilt-filled eyes had made her uneasy.

Sitting on the bed, blankets covering her legs, she started at the wall opposite her. She had never noticed, but they seemed to be the exact color of her own bedroom walls.
 #32653  by Vera Hadley
Once her son had settled for the night, the house had become dreadfully quiet. Fearful that her wife might sense that something had been on her mind, Vera had avoided the living room. When the daily chores had been done and redone, she had found herself drifting towards the guest bedroom.

Jane had retreated for the night and she knew a visitor would not please her, but she had to check up on her little sister.

She knocked gently. "How are you?" She asked, clearly expecting a thorough response as she closed the door behind her.
 #32799  by Jane Hadley
"I have a mild concussion, but if I monitor my symptoms closely, I should recover quickly," she explained patiently though she was not a fan of repeating herself.

Hands linked above the blanket, she watched carefully as Vera sat on the edge of the bed. "Why are you worried?" She asked struggling to understand why Vera seemed so wound up.