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 #32657  by Kyle Bowden
Kyle stood awkwardly in Levi's lab, leaning against a clear counter top with a poignant look on his face. He looked rather troubled, but remained silent for a few minutes longer as he watched Levi fiddle around with some of the instruments. Things had been cleaned and organised this weekend, particularly the room for cadavers. It had been scrubbed up and down - in fact, it had to be cleaned so well that Kyle had taken a few pointers from Lily for domestic spells. She really was rather good at those.

But it was being cleaned for one reason and one reason only.

"Was there really nothing you could say to change her mind?" Kyle asked Levi, pulling a sympathetic expression. "I...I'm really not sure she'd be able to handle this. Took even me a while and some of those in there?"

He shook his head.

"I tried to pick out the cleanest ones, the ones with limited disfiguring or injury. But there's a couple that just..." He winced. "We should maybe put a mat down in case she faints."
 #32675  by Levi Persky
"There is a chair we can pull out for her," said Levi in a quiet voice, washing his hands at the sink as he did. Putting on a pair of surgical gloves he added, "And we can have a bottle of water for her.."

He was not keen on this either, but it was what she wanted.

Levi glanced at the clock, then began to pace a bit. His face looked troubled, but it was not quite for the reasons one might expect. Anna would be ok with the blood, and the spectacle of it all... he thought. She had to be. But... there was something else. Pausing finally he looked at the other man and said,

"Kyle... there is something that... well I was wondering... I just need a sounding board I suppose. Or maybe you can give me another perspective. Or I just need to get it out to someone and then that will be that. But... there is something about this that is not sitting right with me."

Sitting back against one of the tables, he said, "Ana was very much against me doing anything involving growing in my medical knowledge so long as it involved the use of cadavers... in fact she indicated she would be happier if I dropped medicine altogether if I could not do it through legitimate channels. Or at least cut back drastically. But now she has agreed to allow me this one times... so long as it is for her benefit. And trust me!" he said quickly. "I get it! We would both very much like a child of our own, and to her going through pregnancy is very important to her. But..."

He frowned, looked away a moment, then looking back at Kyle he said, "This isn't to save her life or my life. And we could adopt. She is willing to let me do something to give her a child... but would deny me learning something to, say... save a man's limb, or his life! It makes her morally uncomfortable but she willing to drop it when... well... it fulfills an emotional desire. Am I wrong to be a bit bothered by this fact?" he said, looking at Kyle curiously.
 #32681  by Kyle Bowden
Kyle thought for a couple of seconds, and then sighed.

"This is heavy stuff. I don't think it's wrong, though, no. It's a very fair perspective. I think what needs to be remembered here is that you both come from very different worlds. For you, you grew up in an atmosphere known for blood, death, and decay - and your method of quelling that darkness is through science and education. It's a noble cause, and many don't realise it. But, for Ana?"

He took a breath, clearly trying to find the words.

"Now, I'm not saying your opinion is wrong - it definitely isn't. I'm also not saying this is the absolute reasoning for her thoughts. But she comes from an entirely different world. Her father is a aristocratic wizengamot for the Russian Ministry of Magic; he volunteers to study case law and sit in or cases. She was pushed into a very formal job of accountancy, which is clearly something she doesn't want to do. Her entire life has been based around order and organisation and following the law. And perhaps that passes further to the law of nature too; perhaps she believes she can only truly be a mother if she carries a child of her own. She doesn't like to deviate from what she has been raised to think..."

"And...well...has she ever actually seen what good your education has done? She has had people injured and even die around her. It's almost as though she has lost faith in the entire system, let alone an illegal method of conducting it. The official medical professionals couldn't even help her with her mother, or her brother, or Nikolai's alcoholism...and I hate to break it to you but...even Marlowe considered himself something of a medicinal genius. He would do multiple experiments on bodies...not so much for the same reasons but...you know, the idea is likely tainted."

He ran his hand through his hair, shaking his head.

"I know what good your practices do; heck, you saved us all from a pandemic. You would be hailed a hero in the muggle world, you know. You're doing incredible work but, sadly, she's never seen it. And it's hard to see it when you've been blinded from failed experiences in the past. But...perhaps this will change her mind? Maybe being able to have a baby, even if it's just for the emotional need with trigger the blinders to crack open. You might not be saving a life, but you are enabling her to bring one into the world - something she has desired for a long time. The experience of pregnancy itself might be enough; it might just ground her enough to see what good you are doing in this field, even if not certified to do so."
 #32692  by Levi Persky
“Yes... yes I see your point” said Levi. “I understand her reason for not liking any of it. I respect them. If I did not why would I marry her under those conditions? And I understand she feels broken and wants to experience a natural pregnancy. She is not alone among women feeling this way. But I think you are misunderstanding my bigger issue...”

Levi sighed and twisted his fingers a bit, then said in a rush, “I am simply bothered by the selfishness and hypocrisy of it all. She will throw aside her moral view to benefit herself, but not benefit others. She is seeing that when push comes to shove I have reasons to do what I do,” he said, gesturing to the body behind him,, “But all she will concede to is the fact it’s ok if it is getting her something she really wants.”

And now that he was voicing his feelings it was starting to bother him more and more! Was he to simply let it be and... hope one day she came around? Because he loved her? He loved her and stopped because she believed it was wrong whatever the reasons... even though he disagreed with her. But she would let him if it was for her pregnancy.
 #32693  by Kyle Bowden
Kyle blinked.

"Then say no." He said bluntly. "It's as simple as that. She doesn't have you in an arm lock; you have the power here."

He shrugged.

"If it bothers you that much, then tell her it's all or nothing, that she can't cherry pick what is and isn't okay under her terms. You either experiment or you don't. And maybe her compromise is that she says a prayer for all of them or apologises to the family or whatever else, but that's a far more fair option that her dictating what is and isn't moral depending on what the reasoning is. Again, I think that - because it is personal - it will have an affect on her outlook of the entire situation. She doesn't know what it's like to lose a limb."

"Look, I don't mind you saying this to me, but you clearly love learning and science and experiments. She stopped you for her own morals, but clearly her love of a potential child is greater than the love of all the criminals in Cleary Co that may need healing. I don't blame her for thinking that way, but it's unfortunately your job to convince her that those lives are worth the same. Or don't do either."
 #32694  by Levi Persky
Levi sighed again, then said,

"We have rarely ever fought. I can only think of two issues we ever had any tensions over. One was whether she should be moving in with me when... well it was over whether she should move in with me or not..." he ended, not wanting to go into a personal quarrel that had no barring on this. "And the other was this. I wouldn't even call it a fight so much as it was something we both majorly disagreed on and had to talk out a few times. I don't even know how to approach it with out sounding horribly cruel in her mind. If she doesn't understand my reasoning it would be as if I was holding her baby hostage to force her to give into what I want to do! It would look like I did not want my own potential child as much as my own way. What sort of ultimatum is that for a husband to offer his own wife?"

Levi looked down at the floor. He didn't want to hurt her, or upset her, or fight with her. Yet he knew if he started down the road of such a conversation... it would be very hard to turn back the wheel and make everything right again if she thought her thinking on the matter was valid?

Looking curiously at Kyle he said, "What if... someone else pointed out the flaw in her reasoning...?"

Was it a cowards way out? Maybe... but he did not want to get into a fight with his wife about them having a bay of all things!!
 #32695  by Kyle Bowden
"Yes...you do have a point..." Kyle spoke.

But then his eyes snapped to Levi.

"Now, hold on a moment. You couldn't possibly be thinking that I point it out to her." He spoke up, astounded.

Levi's face said it all. Kyle brought his hand up and rubbed his temples.

"You'll owe me..."
 #32696  by Levi Persky
Levi perked up at once, "Really? Oh that's great. Yes, yes of course I will owe you. And you can bring it up with me here when she comes. I will back up what you are saying, agree and all, but it allows me not to... well be so harsh, or look like I sprung a trap on her. I can just say you have a point... You are an unbiased witness so..."

Levi stood and turned to the table, unfolding a cloth and placing it over the cadaver's face. Yes, he was feeling better already. This was sure to work!
 #32698  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana had been nervous all day. She was dreading it! But she knew she had to stick to her word on this; she had to show the respect these men deserved. Wait, what if they weren't all men? What if they were women? Women who had been robbed of the opportunity to have their own kids due to their untimely death! Oh, Merlin!

But she forced her way down the stairs, offering a small smile to Kyle as he took her coat and satchel, taking it off to the side where it wouldn't be damaged. She glanced around.

"It's very clean in here..." She swallowed. "I'm...a little nervous..."
 #32700  by Kyle Bowden
"There's no need to be nervous, we're here for you. And really, you're doing a good thing here." He smiled at her. "After all, now that you've allowed Levi to continue his experiments, a range of people will benefit, and in a way, you're doing your part."

He acted surprised at Ana's confused expression and the way she started to correct him. "I didn't agree to that. Is that what you told him, Levi?"

"O-oh, no, I...he didn't say that. I just...sort of assumed. I just thought that maybe if you was allowing it to get pregnant you would also see the affects of saving lives and such...Is that not the case?" He furrowed his brows, acting confused.
 #32703  by Levi Persky
"Erm... well..." said Levi, not having to fake the awkward, put on the spot look because... well now that it came down to it he was feeling that way, even if he had done it to himself!

"I... it..." he glanced at Kyle, then said, "Well the reasoning is that we want a baby badly enough to put moral issues aside but.. it is a bit hypocritical considering... what I use to do was to help save lives and... I mean... some people might see that as a bit self serving and selfish..."

Some people... he had not said he saw it that way, but some objective parties definitely might see it that way.

Looking to Kyle he said, "Is this what you are saying?"

Kyle was saying it. Not him.
 #32705  by Kyle Bowden
Kyle winced slightly, but composed himself.

"Of course not. You're the least selfish person I know. It's just...it seems as though the rules of what can and can't be done is being bent for a very solitary issue. It's not okay to conduct medical sciences to help the masses and perhaps lead to groundbreaking discoveries in procedures, but it is to ensure you have a natural baby?"

He gave a small shrug.

"Babies can be adopted, but people can't be brought back to life."