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Welcome Back! It's time for our 20th Start of Term!

 #33528  by Sir Regulus Archangel
The evening had finally arrived for the annual Ministry's Christmas party.

The entire main foray had been taken over by a team of earnest party planners during the early afternoon and it had clearly paid off as the place was almost unrecognisable has it had been turned into indoor winter wonderland. From magical snowflaked falling from the ceiling that never seemed to land but glittered beautifully in the light to ice sculptures and more besides. Every where you looked there was some little wonder.

The main sight though to behold was just seeing the Ministry staff dressed to the nines and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Sure there were the few that were not so lucky due to being on call but for the most part anyone that could go did.

That included one Sir Regulus Archangel.

He had been slightly delayed by an overrunning fireside talk with his counterpart in France, but a quick freshen up and a change into rather fine, black wizarding robes he had made his way down to join the merry throng.

With a champagne flute in hand he circulated...
 #33642  by Senna Stafford
As Senna's comfort zone was out on the ground, usually somewhere very dangerous, surrounded by a team she had known for years and arresting Dark Wizards, the annual Ministry Christmas party was undoubtedly outside of this comfort zone. Having to be dressed up instead of in her Auror uniform, and having to make small talk instead of putting her life at risk. Vastly different stuff.

Though she did have a glass of champagne in her hand, so things were looking up.

"Evening, Regulus," Senna nodded her head in greeting as she recognised the man from any cross-overs she had with the Department of International Magical Cooperation.
 #33682  by Senna Stafford
Senna smiled, remembering the conference well.

"I'd say better, since I can actually drink at this one," Senna held up her champagne flute with a twinkle in her eye, "last time I was working. Had to be alert, full Auror mode."
 #33711  by Sir Regulus Archangel
"I completely understand your sentiments" he said with an amused smile, and he raised his glass to her. The conference in which he was referring to had to have been one of the more trying ones he had been too for a while. It was also, from a security perspective, rather taxing too.

"Tonight at least you can let your hair down and enjoy this evening, even if it is still in our place of work." his free hand gestured around them.

"So, tell me will you have any opportunity to have a break this Christmas?"
 #33780  by Senna Stafford
"Yeah, it's always strange seeing everyone so out of context," Senna chuckled, it always happened every year that one of the Department Heads would get drunk. Though even without that, it was strange seeing everyone so dressed up, as opposed to in their regular work robes.

"I've managed to get Christmas day off," Senna told him, "I'm on call Christmas Eve though, and I'm working New Years. Our job doesn't really switch off, unfortunately."