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 #37084  by Aksel Larsen
The way Beckham was acting was setting Aksel on edge. He felt all his muscles tensing up, and forced himself to take a deep breath. It didn't help. He was about to tell his husband to reveal what was wrong, when Beck took out a wooden stick from his jacket. The Danish man didn't have time to have any other reaction than raise his eyebrows before the older man waved it about and started to make a book fly.

Aksel's jaw fell open. He couldn't see a string, but surely it was a trick. But Beckham looked dead serious.

'What- what are you doing?' He looked at the book, and then at his husband, in shock first, but then there was also fear.
 #37290  by Beckham Wexler
The book fell to the ground as Beck rushed to Aksel's side. "Don't be afraid, love," he took Aksel's hand. "I can perform magic," he shrugged as if it was a minor detail. "But I'm the same Beck you fell in love with."

Except it was not a minor detail. It was a huge part of who he was.
 #37299  by Aksel Larsen
Aksel instinctively squeezed his husband's hand as soon as Beck grasped it, but it was only a second before he pulled it away, and took a step back to put some distance between the two of them.

'I─ I─,' Aksel stammered, his mouth opening without him being able to make more coherent a noise. 'Ma-magic?' He tried to swallow, but it was almost impossible. 'Don't... don't touch me. You can do magic?' He took a few more steps back, and decided to go sit on Beckham's bed. 'Is─ is this new?'