Location: Outside Edinburgh • Date: October 25

Gethin smirked. He had managed to convince his parents to let him go to the city for shopping. As if he would be shopping in the evening. Really, he was going to a tavern he had heard about. After all, he was 19. He could do these sorts of things.

The sun was setting as he walked up to the entrance to the tavern. He pushed open the door, stepping inside and immediately walked up to the counter, putting a few coins down, asking for a beer. The bartender poured it for him and passed it over, then he glanced sideways, raising his glass at the person beside him. "What I need," he commented, taking a sip.

Played By: TyrellRose
Rory still hadn't been able to get what he saw a few days ago out of his head. Surprisingly though, he had yet to attempt to run away since that day. Sure, he kept going out on walks, but he always returned a few hours later. Perhaps it was because he knew Clara would come after him again if he did try to run and he didn't feel like facing her right now.

He found himself at a tavern not too far from the cabin on his current walk. He could make it home from there by just after midnight at the latest. A few drinks in, Rory's eyed glanced in the direction of a new person sitting down beside him. He gave a small nod at what they said before picking up his own half-full glass. "What I need," with that, he drank the remainder of his drink.
Gethin arched an eyebrow at the other guy. And he thought he was the only one who would be moping here. "Having a rough go at it?" he asked, taking another long sip of his drink. A deep part of him took a second to admire the other's appearance before he squashed that thought.

Played By: TyrellRose
Rory set his glass on the table, turning slightly towards the other guy. "You could say that, I guess." He reached into his pocket and pulled out coins for another drink, groaning quietly as he realized that those were his last coins. "How about you?"
The guy's groan didn't go unnoticed. Gethin finished his drink, then reached into his pocket. He only had enough coins for one more drink, too. Darn. Pulling them out, he slid them across the counter. "My life is a rough go," he admitted, shrugging, "But I make do. What's your story?"

Played By: TyrellRose
Staring at the last drink he was going to have tonight, Rory's mind became full of thoughts of everything that had happened over the past couple years joined those of the other night. He turned to face the other guy again. "Where do I even begin?"
Rory took a drink from his cup, giving a small nod. Then it was his turn to arch an eyebrow. "Oh man, that's rough. At least you passed, I presume?" He then shrugged. "You do have me beat though, I guess."
Rory glanced up at a nearby clock as he finished his drink - it was starting to get late; he had to come up with a way to end this conversation. "Really, thinking about it now it's mostly girl trouble." He turned on his chair to start to get up. "And sadly, I'll have to leave you on that cliffhanger. I just remembered I have to be somewhere."
Rory stood up, reaching his hand out to shake the other's. "Rory. It was nice er... drinking with you?" He gave a genuine chuckle. "Maybe if you're lucky we'll end up here at the same time again and I can pick up from here."
Gethin grinned, glancing down at the floor and rubbing the back of his neck. "If we're lucky," he echoed, rising and starting to make for the door.

"You're the first person I've talked to in a while who gets it, so... yeah," he said, trailing off. Then he turned away from the other guy and wandered off into the darkness.

Played By: TyrellRose