A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #36973  by TheTiniestPanda
Kane really hated muggle sports.

Hate wasn’t even a strong enough word. Loathed? Loathed might fit better. Quidditch was intricate and incredibly fun to watch… but basketball just made his head hurt. Why was it necessary to scream so loudly, or threaten each other so much over a stupid ball that couldn’t even fly was baffling, and as he hid even further underneath the bleachers he wished desperately that he’d brought his headphones with him to hide behind.

Instead he grabbed for his smuggled cigarette and tried to discreetly take a drag, pushing himself even further into the darkness as everyone started to filter out of the stadium now that the match was finally over. Heading home sounded so good right now… a cozy bed, some good shows, some quiet… but he’d come to the game with a mission and a text burning a hole in his pocket and all Kane could do was wait for his phone to light up again.

The screams of delight and not-so-muted chatter turned into background noise as his eyes closed and he lazily went off into an entirely different world in his head. One that existed of openly using magic on the daily, being in a public relationship, and not hiding under the bleachers like the bum his dad’s friends already thought he was.

“Waiting for me?” Five minutes later and still no notification but there was the deeper, slightly raspy voice that Kane had been waiting for, and fingers covering his eyes like they were trying to keep him guessing as to who it was.

For a second Kane tried to act nonchalant. “Why would I be waiting for anyone? Enjoying my own company quite a bit, no thanks to you.” They’d planned to meet before the game, but someone had been running late.

“You know I’d have been here with you if I could, a ghrá,” came Noah’s voice up against his cheek, and Kane felt the familiar flutters in his chest that he’d gotten far too accustomed to in the past few months. This had become their spot and the nickname had his heart tripping over itself in a way that had never happened before in all of his eighteen years.

“Does that mean you’re thinking of actually telling your parents so I can see you more often?”

There was a look of hope in Kane’s eyes that dimmed quickly as soon as the half-hearted “You know I’m not ready yet…” replaced the sweet pet name and whispered compliments.

Kane’s first instinct was to take off, to run back home and far away from this stupid back and forth that they’d had for nearly two months now. Or to tuck his arms around himself and retreat back into the shell he’d had up before meeting Noah. Anything but feel this blooming disappointment and ache that he didn’t quite know how to deal with. Emotions had never been his strong suit unless it was anger, and his anger wasn’t exactly the healthiest response. At least… that’s what his therapist said.
But his therapist could sod off, because anger felt so much better than running or hiding away in his disappointment. “You know the funny thing is… you could have any chick in this town. Any guy in this town. I told you from the beginning that I hate this…. But you kept pushing for this. For us. You said you were ready to come out, and if you weren’t, whatever, but you go and flirt with anyone who looks your way while I just sit in the damn shadows and let you and I’m sick of it. I can’t do it anymore. You want to make out under the bleachers then you can find some stupid girl to take my place.”

With that Kane stubbed the cigarette out with his shoe and took off without another glance, walking away with his jacket wrapped around his body despite the heat.