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 #19056  by Lilly
A bit of fresh air and solitude was exactly what the young gryffindor needed after a long week of exhausting classes and having people stare at his scar day in and day out. And while he usually looked forward to a belly aching feast in the Great Hall with his two best friends, Harry decided to opt out of dinner tonight in favor of nibbling on a few pumpkin pasties by the water’s edge of the Black Lake.

For once in his tragically famous eleven year old life he was able to relax and simply enjoy peace and quiet and-

“What the-“
 #19057  by TyrellRose
One minute they were on their way to Hawaii for a vacation, and the next, Amy was being jolted from side to side as the Tardis rocked wildly. "Doctor?!" she exclaimed, holding on to the edge of the control panel for stability. No answer. Of course, since he was frantically trying to figure out what was wrong. Whenever something like this happened, Amy sometimes felt like she wasn't even there, even though at other times she felt like the Doctor was watching her a little too closely... as if he was worried about something. She had started to notice it while they were helping Vincent, and now even more.

But now wasn't the time to think about that. Now, she was trying to keep herself from falling to the floor, listening to the Tardis make frantic noises as if even it didn't know what was going on.

Then there was a large impact.

Then quiet.

Amy glanced over at the Doctor, then towards the door. "Doctor, where are we?" she asked, taking a curious step towards the door despite herself. He didn't answer, so consumed was he with checking their coordinates, and Amy sighed. "Guess I'll have to figure it out myself," she grumbled, walking to the door and taking a deep breath before opening it. Worst case scenario, they were on the moon. Best case scenario, Hawaii.

It was neither.

She opened the door to the police box, slowly stepping out into shallow water, up to her ankles. The redhead glanced around apprehensively, taking in the sight. Large castle, forest, lake. Medieval? Then her eyes landed on the young boy wearing rather modern-looking clothes. Not medieval. She tilted her head to the side.

"Um... hello?" she said, giving a small, awkward wave, fully aware that she was wearing short shorts and a halter top with a lei, since she had been expecting Hawaii...
 #19064  by Lilly
Harry stared as his brain tried to process what his eyes had just lain witness to. Slowly, very slowly, he lowered the pastry he’d been nibbling on and tossed it aside.

That was enough sugar for the day.

Clearly he had overdosed on sugar...because people didn’t just fall out of the sky in a blue police call box.

...but they did.

Even for a place like Hogwarts this was a strange occurrence.


Harry blinked, but only because his eyes were beginning to dry out, and leaned over to get a look at the man who climbed out of the police box after his companion. He seemed to be dressed somewhat similar and had a bit of sunscreen smeared on his nose.

“I don’t-“tried Harry,”How did you-“ he looked from the police box, to the man with the bow tie, to the red headed girl, to the man, to the box, and back to the girl. She looked like she’d be the most likely one to answer his questions.

“Who ARE you?” Harry asked.
 #19065  by TyrellRose
Amy continued glancing around, trying to take in her surroundings like the Doctor had taught her. Clearly the Tardis had brought them here for a reason; she just needed to figure out why. She also needed to figure out when and where they were, although the kid's accent told her they were likely in the UK. Lovely. Just what she needed, to be in the UK when she was supposed to be in Hawaii.

The Doctor wandered out of the Tardis behind her, looking just as disoriented as she was, although he was better at masking it. Amy had to stifle a chuckle as the man licked his fingers and held them up, presumably to check the wind. Then she turned back to the boy.

"Look... this is going to sound extremely weird, but... where are we? And... what year is it?" she asked, ignoring his question about who she was for the moment. "We're a bit lost."

The Doctor cut her off, then, stepping forward. "I'm the Doctor, young lad, and this is my companion, Amy... and who might you be?"
 #19068  by Lilly
“Lost? Weird?” Harry scrambled to his feet,”You fell out of the sky! In a police box! Yeah. Way past the point of being weird. “

If she wasn’t going to answer his question then he wasn’t going to answer hers.

He instinctively took a step back when the strange man in a bow tie took a step forward. “Er....” Harry was hesitant to answer,” I’m Harry. Harry Potter.” He shook his head. “Sorry but you didn’t say your name...Doctor...who?”
 #19069  by TyrellRose
"Yep!" The Doctor exclaimed in response to the boy's flustered comments. "We fell out of the sky in my Tardis!"

Amy let out a sigh, glancing back at the man. Then the kid introduced himself, and she turned back to him, her eyes bugging out. "Harry Potter?" she asked, taking a step forward. "You're Harry Potter?" she asked, dumbfounded for a moment. The Doctor realized the same thing and ran forward, taking Harry's hand and shaking it.

"It's such an honour to meet you," the man said, beaming. Then he shrugged. "Just the Doctor, by the way."

Amy stepped forward and looked down at the kid. "You're so... young... what year did you say?"
 #19071  by Lilly
Harry was only just about to ask what in Merlin’s pajama pants a tardis was ( he assumed it was the blue police box) when both people were suddenly in his personal space shaking his hand so aggressively that his glasses nearly slid right off his face. He really didn’t understand any of this.

“It’s 1991,” said Harry, slightly offended by the young comment of the one called Amy.” And Doctor? You can stop shaking my hand now...my...my arm is about to fall off.”
 #19073  by TyrellRose
Amy slapped at the Doctor's arm and he reluctantly dropped Harry's hand, stepping back. Then, Amy began a brief, heated, whispered conversation with him, glancing back at Harry every so often, until the Doctor turned and went back into the Tardis. Then Amy turned back to Harry. "1991, hm? Well... and where are we?" She was starting to piece together the puzzle. Sometimes time travel made things extremely weird, although she was glad she was able to meet Harry so young now.
 #19074  by Lilly
Harry felt his face grow hot. He really wished people would at least have the decency to wait until he was out of sight before they’d engage in heated discussions about him. Apparently these two were no different though they certainly were very strange.

Harry raised a brow at the Doctor’s disappearance into the presumably small police call box then directed his attention to Amy. “Wait. Let me get this straight. You know who I am but you have no idea what this place is?” asked eleven year old Harry as he thumbed towards the hard to miss castle in the background. “How is that even possible?”
 #19075  by TyrellRose
Amy crossed her arms in front of her, arching an eyebrow. "You're a pretty big name, but yeah, no idea where I am. Let's just say I'm not from around here," she admitted, although her accent would make that hard to believe. Then something dawned on her. "OH! That's Hogwarts, isn't it? Oh my gosh, you're in school, and..." she trailed off, her mental math catching up with her. Now she knew exactly when and where she was. A wave of sympathy washed over her, and she pursed her lips.

"I'm going to start over. I'm Amy Pond, and it is so nice to meet you. He's," she jerked her thumb over her shoulder, "The Doctor, and we travel around together... but we're not together... you know what? Forget it. It's really so nice to meet you, though," she said, fixing a pleasant grin on her face as she looked down at the kid.
 #19080  by Lilly
“Right,” said Harry, deciding it was easier to just go along with whatever was happening than to try and make sense of it all, “It’s nice to meet you too, both of you.”

It was then that he saw the Doctor poke his head out, look to the left, look to the right, look up at the sky, and disappear back inside his box, leaving the door ajar. Not too soon after, shouting could be heard from within.

“Is he okay in there?” Asked Harry with slight concern.
 #19081  by TyrellRose
Amy glanced back at the sounds coming from the Tardis and shrugged her shoulder. “Knowing him, he’s having an argument with the Tardis. I should really go make sure he doesn’t pull out one of the knobs again,” she said, turning to walk back to the police box. At the door, she turned back to Harry. “Wanna see?” She asked, gesturing to the open door, a light smirk on her face. For once she could be the one to see the look of amazement for the first time when someone saw the inside of the box.
 #19085  by Lilly
He trekked through the shallow water and followed her inside. Harry stood frozen in place, his eyes wide with wonder and amazement. He stuck his head back out and back in, and repeated the action a few times before he was fully convinced that he was inside the tardis.

Harry advanced further, narrowly missing the Doctor as he ran past with a very i odd looking wand in his hand that looked remarkably like a screwdriver.

“Is this...magic?” Asked Harry, unable to help himself as he reached out towards the console.
 #19355  by TyrellRose
Amy giggled, watching Harry step in and out of the Tardis. Then he spoke, and she squinted at him. "Magic? No, this is just the Tardis. It's a space ship that travels through time and space," she said, clearly enjoying herself. "The Doctor and I, we're travelers. We were supposed to go to Hawaii, though, so I don't know why we're here."

The Doctor piped up as he passed behind Harry again, "The Tardis sometimes takes us places on her own, the beautiful thing," he said, circling around and standing next to Amy.

Amy rolled her eyes, bumping her shoulder against the Doctor's. "So... what have you been up to lately?" She was still trying to get the pieces of the puzzle fully together. Even though she knew the year, she still didn't know which month.
 #20307  by Lilly
Harry’s brows furrowed in response to Amy’s question because he wasn’t entirely sure of how to answer. It was now May and many events had happened since the start of his first year at Hogwarts. “Not much,” was the automatic reply before the rest spewed from his mouth like word vomit.

He told them about being sorted into Gryffindor House on his first night at Hogwarts. He told them about how he became the youngest seeker in a century to play quidditch (to which he learned the Doctor’s favorite professional team was the HolyHead Harpies). He even told them about the Mirror of Erised he discovered during Christmas break and finding Voldemort drinking unicorn blood in the Forbidden Forest just one night ago.

Harry didn’t understand why he was telling them everything, why he felt the need to share, but there was something about the pair that seemed like they genuinely cared about his welfare. It was such an odd familiarity that he couldn’t explain.

“We’ve met before, haven’t we?” asked Harry, the realization dawning on him. “Only I don’t remember it.”