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 #25758  by TyrellRose
Amy listened carefully, taking it all in. Now it all made sense. She crossed her arms, watching the small boy with an almost motherly look to her eyes. "You've been so brave," she murmured, smiling softly. However, it was with an edge of sadness since she knew what would come next.

When he asked the question, she grimaced, glancing at the Doctor before looking back at the boy. "Let's just say... you can't remember what you've already experienced," she said slowly, fully aware that she was walking on thin ice. "But it'll be clear to you one day."
 #25761  by Lilly
Her response only confused him even more than he already was. He was left scratching the back of his head, still trying to process everything. "So this...Tardis," said Harry slowly as his eyes bounced back and forth between Amy and the Doctor "This machine. It can take us through time? Any location? At any time?"

His heart began to race with excitement over the prospect of traveling back in time to see his parents, to save them, to get back the family he was robbed of.
 #25997  by TyrellRose
She could see the wheels start to turn, and immediately Amy grew wary. But it was the Doctor who stepped forward, his normally goofy attitude more subdued.

"It can, yes, but we can't cross anyone's personal timeline. So... we wouldn't be able to go to any moments in your life," he explained, looking at the boy with pity.

Amy nodded, putting her hand on Harry's shoulder. "But we could give him a trip, right?" She gave the Doctor a pointed look. "Maybe go to the future and see what Hogwarts is like?" It was a safe suggestion.
 #26091  by Lilly
"Oh..." said Harry, sounding disappointed.

He perked up only slightly at Amy's suggestion of traveling into the future.

What good was time travel if it couldn't save the people you loved?

Harry looked at the hand on his shoulder and glanced up into the motherly warmth of Amy's brown eyes. He nodded, "Alright. Let's do it."
 #26205  by TyrellRose
Amy beamed. "Alright, then!" She directed the boy into the Tardis, winking at the Doctor. "Shall we say... 100 years?" It seemed safe enough. He was sure to not freak out too much... right?

The Doctor nodded, going to the control panel and pulling some levers and spinning some dials. While he worked, Amy winked at Harry.

"You'd best hold onto something," she told him, leaning against a railing and taking a firm grip. Just then, the Doctor pulled a final lever and the time machine lurched, the familiar sound whooshing around them. The entire time they were traveling, Amy watched Harry, making sure he was alright.