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 #25522  by deraforia
Lyall Homestead, East of England
Romulus Lyall ☾ Werewolf ☾ Semi-retired
The unforgiving sun had already proven deadly that summer. Herbs lay stooped, shriveled, and withered in the garden, where the wolf toiled to bring new life his backyard. He had a slew of plants waiting to be placed in their new homes, a pitcher of water sate their thirst, and a canteen of it for his own.

The stress of losing precious and vital herbs aside, this was the work Rom had come to love in his almost-retirement. He was connected to the earth and life, and for all of his hard work he would produce something tangible and ultimately beneficial to himself and many others in a similar situation. He may have left his work at the Ministry long ago, but his desire to help had never faded.

The barely muffled voices coming from the house eventually did, however.
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 #25523  by deraforia
Carys Lyall ⚸ Witch ⚸ Obliviator
Perfect. Just fan-bloody-tastic.

Carys slammed the door shut behind her as she exited to the backyard, wiping at her eyes with the sleeves of her thin hoodie. Even as thin as it was, it was stifling once she was under the uncovered sun. She removed it, using the entirety of it to wipe at her face before throwing the garment aside and joining her father in the garden.

“Mum knowns,” she said as she knelt.
 #25524  by deraforia
Romulus Lyall ☾ Werewolf ☾ Semi-retired
“Hmph,” her father grunted. “I told you she’d find out.”

He handed Carys a trowel and pointed to the next spot to dig. Meanwhile, he gathered a wolfsbane plant and placed it in the hole he had just dug, burying the roots in the soil.

“She knows too many people there. Besides, you were going to run into each other eventually. Shit, we make use of Obliviators more than the Aurors do.”
 #25526  by deraforia
Carys Lyall ⚸ Witch ⚸ Obliviator

"It would have been nice to make it through one day," she complained while stabbing the earth. "I just wish she'd stop trying to control me."

She was exaggerating, but that's what it felt like her mother had been trying to do. While she might not have been told that she couldn't work at the Ministry, confronting her in front of her coworkers, saying she was better than this?

"I'm not her. I should be able to live my own life."
 #25527  by deraforia
Romulus Lyall ☾ Werewolf ☾ Semi-retired
Romulus put his hand on his daughter's hand, putting a stop to the act of violence against the dirt.

"We want you to. Your mum and I both, trust me, we want that for you more than anything. But we also have the benefit of our experiences, and we don't want you to make the same mistakes we did. That's all."

He took the trowel and dug a quick hole.

"And if it was the Capture Unit you had joined, it would be you and me having a screaming match."
 #25528  by deraforia
Carys Lyall ⚸ Witch ⚸ Obliviator

He wasn't supposed to defend that witch. He was her dad. He was supposed to be on her side.

"If there was still one to join, I would," she announced as she dropped the next plant indelicately into the hole. "It would beat erasing people's minds."
 #25529  by deraforia
Romulus Lyall ☾ Werewolf ☾ Semi-retired

"Not bloody likely," her father replied, an edge creeping into his voice. Those years of his life had been the hardest, and he would wear the scars he earned there for the rest of his life.

"Find something else to talk about," he warned. "Or find somewhere else to be."