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 #25654  by Peyton
Gap Guy/Jeremiah • Muggle • 18
"what they don't know, they shouldn't know"
“No one here knows I’m gay,” admitted Jeremiah, making sure that the hood from his sweatshirt concealed his face and little, more more importantly, his blonde curly hair. Blaine’s friend chimed in and said that he looked gay, but Jere ignored it. “Blaine, let’s just be clear here. You and I got coffee twice. We’re not dating, and if we were, I’d be arrested because you’re underage.” And with that, he turned and went the opposite direction.

How could someone just throw around someone else’s personal information like that? Especially when they didn’t think as far as that it might get them fired from their job. Jeremiah sighed and folded his arms over his chest as he leaned against a light post on along the sidewalk, thinking about where he could apply for his next job.
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 #25660  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle hadn't long since left work, his satchel full and extremely heavy. His charms could only do so much until it became painfully obvious there was something freaky going on to the Muggle world. Then again, he didn't have to take this route home, but he definitely wanted to. Magical beverages were great and everything, but in reality, a caramel macchiatto out-classed any butterbeer.

He eventually found himself on an empty street, glancing around to see if he would truly be alone. It would be a good time to heat his coffee back up after travelling. His tired mind wasn't in the right place, and without thinking, he pulled out his wand, flicking his eyes up at the last minute just in time to see another man under a street lamp. Had he been there the entire time!? In a rush, he moved to shove his wand away, panicking so much that his other hand lost grip and dropped his cup of coffee to the floor.

"Shit, Merlin! Shit!"

 #25662  by Peyton
Gap Guy/Jeremiah • Muggle • 18
"what they don't know, they shouldn't know"
Jeremiah was looking out into a little courtyard, watching some squirrels chase each other around for no apparent reason as he thought about what his next steps might be. Was everyone going to know him as the guy who had a guy sing to him at the Gap? He hoped not.

He was spaced out for a while until some movement caught his eye. A tall, black haired guy stood there, pulling out a stick that looked sort of crafted, like he hadn't just picked it up from the ground. Like a magic wand. They met eyes and the other dropped his coffee and instantly Jeremiah felt bad for startling him. He rushed over to help him pick his cup up off of the ground. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to make you drop your coffee. I’ll buy you another one,” he offered, glancing around for the stick that seemed to have disappeared. “You, uh, what were you doing?”
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 #25666  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle grimaced. He could easily use his wand to restore his coffee...but he definitely couldn't now. And it would look incredibly weird to tell this guy to leave so he could stand there, make sure the coast was clear, and then cast a charm. It was going to be awkward no matter what.

"Ah, uhm...you don't need to buy me one...I mean you can if you really wanted to but er-"

Kyle rubbed the back of his head, hesitating as the other man asked the question. Should he even lie? Was there a point? He could always report it and get the other obliviated...but then again, he didn't really like doing that. Okay, maybe he could just flub it and save the situation?

"Hm? Me? Oh, nothing. Nothing really, just walking home I guess. Walks can be boring sometimes so I just space out." He looked at the other carefully. "What were you doing?"
 #25899  by Peyton
Gap Guy/Jeremiah • Muggle • 18
"what they don't know, they shouldn't know"
Jeremiah raised one eyebrow as the other ignored what he was really talking about- the stick he had gotten out and held like it was important. But, he had sort of accepted the offer of coffee... He pushed off of the light post and used this interaction as a distraction from the awfulness that was his current, jobless situation.

"I... was just fired from my job and I was trying to decide what to do with the rest of my life- but that isn't what I was talking about," he said, sort of motioning a little toward where he'd seen the other stash the stick he'd had. He was very curious now. "I meant, what were you doing with that carved stick thing?" he asked, taking a step forward.
 #26255  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
"Huh, that's depressing..." Kyle commented, really hoping that things would blow over. But as Jeremiah began to question further about what he feared he was, Kyle swallowed thickly and glanced to the side. He shoved his hands in his pockets instinctively, keeping his back away from the other as to hide the outline of the wand in his back pocket.

"Stick thing? I don't see a stick thing. We're in the middle of the street, where would I find a stick around here? Sounds weird to me. Maybe you just need some coffee." He cleared his throat, nodding to the side with his head. "C'mon, let's go already."

But even in saying that, Kyle was stood still, wanting Jeremiah to overtake him. Just to make sure.
 #26260  by Peyton
Gap Guy/Jeremiah • Muggle • 18
"what they don't know, they shouldn't know"
Jeremiah thought it was weird how this guy was suddenly really nervous about the questioning about his funny stick. Was he just a nerd who liked to pretend to do magic tricks or something? He'd heard of those kids, dressing up as Dungeons and Dragons characters or something and pretending to fight each other in the park or in the woods. The thought made him want to smile, but instead, he tilted his head to the side. He decided to find out what the case was here, and stepped more forward, looking a little toward the the other's side to find what he did with it.

"No, you had a stick, I saw you throw it away. Unless you're just hiding a stick in your pocket for no reason. And since neither of us sees a stick on the ground, I'm thinking you put it in your pocket, and that's sort of weird..." he said, realizing that he was blurting a little.
 #26262  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle stepped back. "Errr, no. I'm not the weird one. You're the weird one. What is it with you and sticks? Besides, can't a man just have fun with a stick now and then without judgement?"

He was really trying to make a compelling argument, but it was not becoming too defensive over the sake of the stick. If it wasn't important, why would he be acting this way? His own logic was flawed here, and he knew it.

"So why did you get fired?" He asked suddenly.
 #26266  by Peyton
Gap Guy/Jeremiah • Muggle • 18
"what they don't know, they shouldn't know"
Jeremiah furrowed his eyebrows. Now he really wanted to know what was going on. Have fun with a stick... Why was he hiding it then?

He was about to ask but the other asked him why he got fired. He rolled his eyes a little, thinking about Blaine and his serenade at the Gap. "Someone I went for coffee with like twice came into the store where I worked, with their A Capella group and serenaded me with a slightly dirty song. My boss wasn't too happy," he said, leaving out the part about the fact that it had been a guy that he'd been on the dates with and who had sung to him earlier. "I mean, who goes into a guy's work and sings inappropriate songs?"
 #26269  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
"Not me...I can't sing. I play piano but I'm not about to drag that into a Gap just to serenade a guy, no matter how handsome he is." Kyle spoke, barely even realising that Jeremiah could be talking about another man...or the fact that Kyle was talking about men so casually.

He tilted his head at the other.

"Just...how inappropriate was the song? Like, on a scale of squeaky clean to bathing with pigs - how dirty was it?"
 #26272  by Peyton
Gap Guy/Jeremiah • Muggle • 18
"what they don't know, they shouldn't know"
"Would you serenade a guy then?" Jeremiah asked, clearly interested. It was probably more often that he ran across other gay men than he realized, and it was obvious that he was curious. "I mean, like, as a guy. You'd sing to a guy?" Had he offered a coffee date to another guy who liked guys?

Jeremiah glanced over at his former workplace. "He sang "When I Get You Alone" and it was humiliating," he said, not realizing that he'd just admitted that it had been a guy that had serenaded him and gotten him fired, as he focused too much on how he had tried to ignore the younger until he'd brought an item up to pretend to buy. "He tried to buy socks from me..." he added.
 #26276  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle thought for a second, but then shook his head.

"No...I don't think I would 'serenade' a guy. Maybe privately but I don't think the neighbour's dogs would appreciate that too much. It feels too personal to do it in public. I'd have freaked out too."

At the mention of the song, Kyle furrowed his brow. "Huh, I haven't heard that one." He said, clearly having spent far too much time in the magical world to know what the popular muggle music was at the moment. Even so, Kyle attempted to turn to signal for Jeremiah to follow.

"I'm Kyle, by the way. And I won't sing to you in public."
 #26343  by Peyton
Gap Guy/Jeremiah • Muggle • 18
"what they don't know, they shouldn't know"
Jeremiah felt slightly comforted at the fact that the other said he'd have been freaked out as well. At least he wasn't the only person in the world who wouldn't have found that like, romantic or something, especially considering that it was Valentine's Day.

He tilted his head to the side a little and his eyebrows slid closer to one another just the slightest bit. That song was all over the radio and there wasn't a single person he knew that didn't actually know it. "Jeremiah. And I'm glad you aren't going to burst out in song, that makes me feel a little better. But... How have you not heard that one? It's all about like, getting someone alone and there's even a line about leaving your toys in the drawer because they are not going to be needed. So not work appropriate..."
 #26559  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle blinked, face showing confusion.

"Er...toys? In what way would-" The realisation hit him suddenly. Oh. OH! Oh dear. He cleared his throat, looking away. "Er yes, right...well, I guess I'm not all that into mug- er modern music. I mainly spend my time in a quiet bookshop...or at home reading a book, or writing a novel."

He pursed his lips. Wow, he sounded lame. Apparently, all he cared about was books?
 #26567  by Peyton
Gap Guy/Jeremiah • Muggle • 18
"what they don't know, they shouldn't know"
Jeremiah watched it dawn on Kyle's face what the song meant when it said about toys. It was actually sort of fun watching him realize, and Jere smiled a little. The other was endearing.

"A book shop? Is that where you work?" he asked, interested. Jeremiah liked books almost as much as he liked being outside. He wasn't an outdoorsman by any means, but he absolutely loved the sunshine more than almost anything else. "What do you write about?" Too many questions was never a phrase that his mind uttered.