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 #27794  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle glanced to the side briefly. Just how much information could he give away with this? Maybe just saying a bookshop would be okay; who cared if it was magical or not? He didn't need to specify...not that this man would need it specifying at all but still.

"Yeah, I'm a sales clerk, but I like it. It's good fun. I like seeing all the new book available." He smiled. "As for what I like to write? I like romantic histories...period dramas, that sort of thing. Do you have any hobbies? anything fun?"
 #29267  by Peyton
Gap Guy/Jeremiah • Muggle • 18
"what they don't know, they shouldn't know"
Thinking for a moment, Jeremiah shrugged. His hobbies included drinking coffee, watching tv, putting together outfits, and playing at the beach. Maybe he could go with that last one and not sound like an idiot.

"I really love the beach. Something about the salty air and the breeze and how cool the sand is on your feet when you go out in the morning before the sun really can warm it up a lot. I also love coffee. It's almost a weakness, really. I think writing is a way cooler hobby than looking at scenery though. It takes talent."
 #30313  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle pressed his lips together in thought, looking off to the side before humming. Eventually, he nodded as though confirming something he'd thought.

"Y'know, I think you're too hard on yourself. The beach is nice, and it isn't really about what requires more talent to do. Enjoy what you want to enjoy no matter what others think. Well, I mean...unless you enjoy killing people, then that's a bit of a problem but...er...that was morbid. Uhm..." He trailed off, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. "Sometimes I just have no filter. My mouth likes to act before my brain does a lot of the time.
 #30692  by Peyton
Jeremiah ★ 18 ★ Muggle
Jeremiah smiled a little. He really liked the way it sounded, Kyle saying that he should enjoy things because he likes them and not worry about what other people think. He smiled even more when Kyle stumbled over the silly thing he'd said. He felt his heart squeeze a little as the breathy laugh escaped him.

His smile broadened and he seemed to relax. "Trust me, if I was a serial killer, I'd definitely not have been working at the Gap. Probably somewhere like... a fish market or something," he said, obviously joking around. "And probably I would have different hair. My hair is pretty recognizable."
 #30809  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle chuckled, shaking his head a little.

"A fish market? That's...oddly specific. And wow, cutting your hair?" He leaned in, lowering his tone. "Sounds to me like you've already got it all planned out. You sure you're not already a serial killer?"

He laughed, pulling back and walking ahead again. "Now, if I was a serial killer, I would go by Kyle, work in a bookshop and talk about coffee." He looked over his shoulder, grinning at the other, clearly joking.
 #31540  by Peyton
Jeremiah ★ 18 ★ Muggle
Jeremiah raised his eyebrows and smirked a little as they relaxed a bit. "So, you're saying that you are in fact a serial killer. Do you secretly have a warehouse down by the dock that you're planning to take me to later on? Because I really don't like dead fish," he said playfully.

"Joking aside, if you were lying about who you were, I'd get it. We don't really know each other. But my name really is Jeremiah. And I'm liking how this, whatever it is, coffee thing, is going so far." He smiled and blushed a little at having admitted that.
 #31566  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle looked back at Jeremiah, and then paused in thought for a moment.

"Now, not to be blunt, but it's starting to sound like you're the serial killer here. That was way too specific to just be a coincidence. Either that, or you're great at thinking up scenarios and I could use that kind of creativity in my own book-writing-endeavours." He grinned widely, and then resumed to walking alongside Jeremiah.

At the other's words, Kyle smiled a little, and then leaned in with a lowered tone. "Y'know...if you want, we can call it a date...only if you want to."
 #31570  by Peyton
Jeremiah ★ 18 ★ Muggle
This playful banter was making Jeremiah's day so much brighter. He shrugged, still playfully. "I guess we won't know till we we end up at an abandoned warehouse-- in real life or in a work of fiction." He smiled at the thought of his ideas making it into a novel. He'd never thought of himself as creative enough for that.

He hesitated a tiny bit. After the day he'd had, being sung to in the Gap and then fired and having to break off ties with someone because of it was hard and stressful work. But this didn't feel stressful to Jeremiah. "Actually, yeah," he replied. "I think it would be cool to call it a date. If you're definitely okay with it."
 #31635  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle lifted a brow at Jeremiah but then laughed a little.

"Why wouldn't I? A date with a cute, funny guy? It doesn't come around too often. Even less so for guys who are totally okay with dating a serial killer and/or author in the making. That's a real hard catch to find." He jested, smirking at the other.

But then her tilted his head to the other. "So err...do you exclusively like men or?"
 #31750  by Peyton
Jeremiah ★ 18 ★ Muggle
Jeremiah liked joking back and forth with Kyle. It was light and easy, and he was pretty sure that this guy wasn't going to sing to him in front of everyone he knew. He also kind of enjoyed being called cute. It made him almost blush. Almost.

"I'm not really into girls, no. My parents think I am, and I guess until today, so did everyone at my job. I mean, so, yes. I exclusively like men," he said, glancing around them. He was clearly not quite out of the closet just yet, though he was pretty sure that after today, he was going to be forced out. "I used to think that I was bi in high school, but really, I'm gay. Peer pressure sucks."
 #32683  by Vyreia
Kyle Bowden • Wizard • Flourish & Blotts • 20
Kyle hummed in agreement, nodding to Jeremiah's words.

"Honestly? I'd be surprised if people at my job didn't think I was gay. I'm fairly flamboyant and fit all the stereotypical categories, which I guess makes it both easier and harder. For one, people just assume and there's less awkwardness with girls liking me or anything - not that it would really happen. On the other hand, it makes me a bigger target..."

He was quiet for a moment, but then looked to Jeremiah with a smirk.

"Maybe we wouldn't have to go in public too much if you was shy...there's a few quiet hiking trails, the forest, a quiet part of the beach, my place...not that I assume there will be more than one of these dates but...I have ideas if there was any chance of that."