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 #32277  by Ejder
All Liam remembered was being in the bar and really needing to pee. He remembered getting up from his barstool, and walking towards the restroom. He remembered how it was funny that for Halloween they'd put in a pumpkin-shaped door for the restrooms.

And after that he remembered nothing. He was walking in a weirdly lit forest, and the trees were weird too. He had no idea how he'd got there, and he thought he must have been slipped something weird, because he was convinced his skin was made out of plasticine...
 #32280  by Arsene
"Hello there!"

A feminine figure dropped from one of the trees above and in front of the man. She looked very much like a doll with button eyes and stitching lining her sides. Her sunny disposition was a stark contrast to the environment around them.

"You came from the other side didn't you?"
 #32282  by Ejder
Whatever he'd been slipped, it was stronger than anything he'd ever taken. A girl with button eyes was dropped in front of him, and because of the lightning, his eyes were swimming as she was talking. It looked as though she originated in a kaleidoskope in his eyes. She didn't exist. She couldn't, how could she? This vivid hallucination was the product of nightmare.

'Guys?' He called out. 'Guys? This isn't a funny joke!'
 #32284  by Arsene
"Ohhh," she said, frowning a little bit.

"This isn't a joke, I'm afraid. You've come to Halloween Town." The woman smiled again.
 #32846  by Arsene
There were a few seconds of silence after the man had stated these things out loud. Then, there was a rumbling throughout the ground beneath them. The ground hummed, increasing in crescendo, until suddenly a grotesque figure emerged from it a few yards away from them. It was a clown figure made out of earthworms.

"Have you filed your taxes yet?" it growled.

"No!" The woman shouted, jumping in between them. "Get out of here!"
 #32866  by Ejder
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Suddenly it was all too real. A huge clown towered wobblingly over him, squirming from all the earthworms it was made of. Periodically a worm fell to the ground, and crawled away, way too close for comfort for Liam.

'NOOOOOOOO!' He yelled, backing off, his hands held on his ears. 'Why did you do this to me?' He asked the woman. 'Make it stop!'