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 #32278  by Arsene
Madeline Santos, 19
The car had broken down and they'd passed the last gas station 15 miles back. Cell phones were receiving no signal so the only thing Madeline could think of was walking the rest of the way. She stepped into the thick woods with her friends. It was dusk when they reached a small stream.

"God I'm so thirstyyy," Madeline whined as she knelt beside the stream. "We should be near the cabin soon, though."
 #32279  by Ejder
Dylan shook his head as his friend stoppoed for a drink of water. He didn't like the idea. For starters, they were on the side of the road. Who just drank from a ditch? Apparently Madeline did. Another reason that he wasn't a fan of the idea was that it was starting to get dark. Call him a wuss, but he wasn't a big fan of being lost along a deserted road in the middle of the night. Fine, he might be more paranoid than other people, but wasn't this the way all horror movies evee started?

'Guys, we should get a move on.'
 #32281  by Arsene
Madeline stood once she'd had her fill of water and wiped her hands on her jeans. "I guess," she said.

She jogged to catch up with Dylan. "Sooo," she started to tease him in a hushed tone. "Are you going to say anything to...you know?" It was one of the main reasons they'd all gotten together for the weekend. Madeline might have still lived with her parents, but she was an adult and was going to take advantage of her parents being away.
 #32283  by Ejder
Dylan looked down, cheeks hot and crimson when Madeline approached him with her line of inquiry. All their friends knew except that one person, and they each took it in turns to tease him, and all the while his crush was blissfully oblivious.

'I might, if the occasion presents itself organically,' he replied with a lot more assurance than he felt. 'We should walk back to the gas station and call AAA.' He turned to look at the rest of his friends, and noticed one of them was sticking her thumb out.

'What are you doing?' He hissed at her. 'This is how people get killed in movies! And there's no one here anyway. We should walk.'
 #32285  by Arsene
She'd linked arms with Dylan briefly before noticing their other friend. "No, this'll be much faster," Madeline agreed. As she approached the curb, she saw a truck rattling down the road a few miles down.

"See!" Madeline said excitedly. "Hey!" she shouted as if the driver could hear her from her spot on the side of the road. She waved her arms and the truck began to slow down.
 #32287  by Ejder
Dylan shook his head unenthusiastically as Madeline decided to hitchhike too. It was the worst idea ever.

'If we get killed before I get to talk to Julian, I'll revive you just to kill you myself,' he hissed. The truck slowed down beside them, and the hillbilly passenger asked them if they needed a ride. When most of the group answered yes, Dylan didn't reall have nuch of a choice... Hitchhiking with potentially murderous hillbillies, or walking along a deserted road in the dark... Unfortunately the choice made itself. Both options were bad.

Disapprovingly, he entered the truck, last. 'Don't come crying to me when they start wielding their axes,' he muttered. 'Because I'll be dead too...' According to horror film trivia, Julian, as an athlete, would be amongst the first to die. And that was no good...
 #32303  by fizzing-whizbee

A young woman dressed in strange attire, carrying an intricately carved stick in one hand, ran toward the truck and waved at the strangers.

"Don't!" She yelled. Did they even hear her? She could just cast a quick spell, but if she was noticed...and the statute of secrecy...

Out of breath, the young witch grabbed the young man's arm as he moved to climb in to the truck, her eyes meeting those of the young woman who was also with him. How many more were in the group and already in the truck? Hopefully they would get the picture.

"You can't go with him," she warned them.
 #32481  by Ejder
Dylan nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a hand against his arm, and then jumped again when he turned to see who it was. Absolutely shocked at the weird apparition, he pulled out of her grasp, and pulled tightly at Madeline's arm.

He freed his arm, and backed off, arms in the air, as though he were being held up, which he figured was probably the best case scenario in this dumb forest

'Whst the hell? Who are you? Why shouldn't we get into this-' Murder truck. He trailed off, looking at his friends inside Even the creepy forest spirit lady was telling them it was a murder truck. He didn't trust her, of course, but he didn't need to be told about the murder truck twice. 'Alright, guys, everyone get out, and let's just walk to the gas station. Let's not-' Get murdered by insane people, he trailed off again, entirely out of breath for the entire ordeal.
 #32634  by Arsene
There was already such a commotion that Madeline finally stopped what she was doing. There was another woman here, whom had just appeared out of nowhere. They were finally going to get somewhere and who knew when the next person would be driving down that road. The sky was getting darker, though, and it was getting colder. Madeline just wanted to be at the cabin already.

Madeline looked at the woman before looking back at the people in the truck. For once, she was admitting that Dylan was probably right. "Fiiine," she sighed. "Everyone out." Madeline hopped down from the truck cab and was followed by their other two friends, Julian included.