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 #13241  by Louise Havisham

So I also just dusted off Louise and she's got a tag saying she's a young adult in Marauder Era. In Marauder Era Louise is 38. She also lacks a job tag, though she's a muggle photographer by trade. I tried adding her birthday into her profile (b. 1939) but the "young adult" tag is still there and I can't find a way to remove it.

Please fix? Both age tag and job tag?

 #13247  by Vyreia
Heya! Me again!

The 'Young Adult' tag is used instead of a job tag, so it would only be changed by vaultkeepers and admins.

I believe that the reason she has that tag is because there isn't a board listed business for a muggle photographer. The alternative would be for Louise to be listed as 'unemployed' which can fit also if she is a freelance worker. If you'd like to take a look at some alternative jobs here, it could fit so she has a job title as well as being a photographer on the side.

Feel free to fill out this form one you know what you'd like her to be classified as!

-Vaultkeeper Vyreia :)