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 #17268  by Stella

So, I was wondering about something that was mentioned in Discord. So, I know members get a free character for joining, a free character every 4 months, and when you join, you also get 50 quills (if I read that right). I was wondering what I would get in regards to quills and characters so I can keep up with how many I can make right now, if that makes sense. I'm not trying to say that I'm a new member, because I'm not, but since I haven't been here in awhile and I was able to get Mikayla sorted, I didn't know if I was able to go ahead and make another character or if I had to wait until I got the quills.

Also, is there a link that shows what all you can spend quills on?

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 #17271  by *Admin Sprinkles
Hi there, @Stella ! Let me see if I can help you out. :)

To answer the first part of your question, since it had been some time since you have played with us, we treated you like a new player for the sake of character creation. Since we reverted to the Quills system (so...for awhile now!) rather than being able to create your extra characters immediately, you can create them when you receive your new player Quills. This is so that new players can get things like skills and abilities right away. (More on that in a second!) -- We typically distribute new player Quills around the 15th and 1st of each month, though it may vary due to staff availability.

Regarding what Quills can be spent on, you can find our Quills Overview page by clicking that link or in the future through the Resource Library > Guides & Resources Roleplaying Guides & Resources. At the moment due to reopening following September 1, Quills can only be spent on creating new characters, but if you keep an eye on the Bulletin Board you will be able to see when we reopen features such as Skills, Special Abilities, and other things to spend those Quills on (...and believe me, there will be plenty to spend them on!)

Hope that helps!