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 #17631  by Pansy Parkinson
I've just noticed Michelle Binx is a fourth year, and Pansy is a fifth year. They've always been in the same year since I've been on the board, but now Binxy is a year below. Is this an error I need to request to get fixed in the roster update, or have I had Binxy's year wrong all this time and it's just been corrected now?
 #17635  by *Admin Sprinkles
Hey Binxy!

We should have the Account Update Request form back shortly; all character accounts were bumped up directly from the year they were previously in, but if you feel this was in error once the Account Update Request form is back you are welcome to submit a request so that we can look into it.

Hope that helps!
 #17637  by Brooklyn Stone
Okies :) thank you