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 #17884  by Cat
I'm currently in the process of completing the character check in.

I have a couple of characters who graduated last season who need new tags, but I wasn't sure if I can put this request into the new player check-in or wait for the account roster update?

Sorry for the confusion, I just wanted to double check.

- Cat
 #17885  by Vyreia
Hiya Cat!

As said in the Announcement, you can use the form provided to tell us any updates required. There should be an option 'yes but there was something wrong/missing', and then the next page should allow you to tell us any changes that need to be made. This can also be done for any characters that are missing from the business directory listings or have changed jobs/graduated.

We recommend using this form as you can do all characters in bulk rather than submitting changes one at a time with the roster update request.

Hopefully this helps! :)
-Vaultkeeper Vy
 #17886  by Cat
Thank you! Just wanted to double check in relation to characters that had graduated / changed jobs.

Thanks so much :)