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 #17890  by Arsene
Heya Vault Staff,

When filling out the form I got confused by the wording on the second half where I list the roster corrections needed. I interpreted it as I had to make one submission per character, not list them all like you ask us to do in the first half of the form. Because of this, I only have one correction submitted and need a few more fixed. Instead of sending ALL of my character info a second time to you, is there any way I can resubmit my form with NA in the first half and re-do the second half?

Sorry for the inconvenience. Any help is appreciated.
 #17891  by Vyreia
Hi Arsene!

Could you please fill in the form again, including all previous info for the first half, and all info intended for the second half? Just so we're only working from one form and don't get muddled up.

Thank you! :)
-Vaultkeeper Vy