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 #18451  by Fae
So about X days ago when I was filling out the Check-In form, I think I derped and understood the second part as only editing characters who were not listed in their respective rosters/needed to be removed from a roster, and not for characters who graduated and I wanted to be added to a roster. As a result, I overlooked Cori Thompson who graduated from Hogwarts in the spring. (Of course, I may not have derped and actually understood right, in which case yay me.)

Flash forward to now when I am finally getting back into trying to get her fixed up, plus my actual question: on the account update request form, which option would I select to change her job thingy?

Thank you in advance for responding to my awkwardness! ^,^
 #18453  by Kitastrophes
Hey there Fae!

No worries, you can absolutely fill out an account update request form for Cori and select the "Correct Roster Information" option to update her status now that she has graduated!

Let us know if you have any further questions :)

-Vaultkeeper TyrellRose