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 #19097  by Peyton
Hi guys. Danny Fox is a drifter in Reformation and I wanted to have him periodically take jobs like, here and there at places that exist in-game, but he is going to travel around a lot and might only work at a place for tops a few months at a time before he leaves and is on his way to another place.

Is it okay to say he works at someplace without having to change his drifter tag for a particular business tag?
 #19117  by Vyreia
Hey Peyton!

In order for Danny to be employed by a business, he would need to have a job title which would be achieved by using the Update Request Form for entry level jobs. However, if you mean for him to not be directly employed but just doing freelance work for them, then that should be okay.

Hopefully this helps!

-Vaultkeeper Vy :)