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 #22149  by Alatariel
Hello, I am just inquiring about when we can expect our rewards for donating in December and passing the goal for that month. I only ask because there’s been a lot of talk about January, February and spring donations but nothing for December.

 #22151  by Kitastrophes
Hey there Brodie!

All curio and quill donor rewards for December have been handed out, so no need to worry about them!

There was an additional reward of being able to revive threads that were unfinished from last season, and if you wish to claim that reward, you can simply fill out this form to have your threads moved back into the Fixed Timeline forums!

Let us know if you have any further questions :)

-Vaultkeeper TyrellRose
 #22152  by Alatariel
I remember there being a 0 quill character reward and a few others that I can’t remember, more than what you’ve mentioned above at least. @Kay and I both remember this because she told me to donate so I’d get them. We however can’t find any thing that mentions the December rewards so we are just pulling from memory. But I know that if we went over our monthly goal EVERYONE who donated was set to get a bunch of rewards.
 #22154  by Kitastrophes
Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

We do appear to have missed a couple of things on our list, and we do apologise for that. All of the quills/curios have been delivered, and we're going to look into where we're at with the rest of our list and ensure that all donors receive any missing rewards.

-Vaultkeeper TyrellRose