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 #23116  by Binxyboo
So I’ve been informed I can’t make threads taking place at the Blue Lagoon in France, because it isn’t on the business directory. I’m confused about this, because don’t other members on here post threads in other businesses and establishments that aren’t officially made on the business directory?

I wasn’t sure who to question this with because different staff members have been talking with me recently over the app this was pointed out with, and I didn’t know who to discuss this further with in PMs so I’ve brought it here.
 #23121  by Vyreia
Hi Binxy!

Sorry for any confusion. People may play in NPC businesses that are not in the directory and not available to work at. Examples of these are: The Aspen Club, The Pheasant Pub, and your own NPC business, The Silver Rose Hotel. Because these do not affect anybody with characters working/playing there, they can be adjusted by individual players during threads.

Established businesses, such as The Blue Lagoon, are public businesses, so additional locations have to be confirmed by the staff formally so that the directory can be updated accordingly.

I hope this helps :)

Vaultkeeper Vyreia
 #23123  by Vyreia
Hi Binxy,

You are welcome to discuss any issues with Manda or other admins via PM on the board. However, please note that subjects such as these are always discussed as a team, and all previous PMs and interactions have been with admin knowledge and discussion.

Vaultkeeper Vyreia