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 #23493  by Nik

I am just wondering about a character of mine and their job title.

A character I am writing up inherits his father's company. Originally I had planned for this to be an accounting company but I am willing to change if needs be. However, I also had planned on the company being a muggle company that he inherits. Again, this could be changed somewhat to be based int he magical world. I am still confused as to what I could put down as my characters job title in each era. I was told that he can't just be a wizard and the job has to be within the directory but I just don't know if there is somewhere the company would fit in the directory. Ideally i'd like the company to also be within the UK too. I looked at Schwarzwald Market and Constellation Plaza but I feel like these aren't based in the right areas. Was wondering if anyone had any solutions to this?

Thank you
Nik :)
 #23495  by Inactive Admin
Hey Nik!

Just to clarify, the character would be a wizard and the business would be muggle? Is that correct?
 #23502  by Guest
that was the original plan. Have the son inherit his muggle grandfathers business. However that can be changed to suit.
 #23504  by Vyreia
Hiya Nik!

So, as a wizard, your character needs to have a job from the business directory. He can be an accountant for near enough every business in there, and can then aspire to take over the family business. In the future, you can make the business itself through the Business Creation Process.

-Vaultkeeper Vyreia