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 #27354  by Inactive Admin Account
Hi Binxy,

The ban should have already been lifted. Can you check and clarify where/which accounts you are still blocked on? Bans are often via IP and email or account names.

Also, as a reminder, please title future help desk enquiries appropriately as this helps us to keep better track of what help people need.

Admin Vy
 #27355  by Binxyboo
When I wrote this all accounts were blocked. So is discord, but I’ve deleted my account off discord so that doesn’t matter. The IP and email may have been blocked, but I was still able to post this with a different IP, if my email was blocked too I don’t know why I was still able to make the post, I’ve been able to use the site the entire 2 weeks from the same IP so maybe the email wasn’t blocked? I dunno.

I didn’t know what to title this as.

Anyway, I’m here on my regular IP so it’s all back to normal and fine now.