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PostPosted:08 Jun 2019, 12:07
by Binxyboo
So my ban was suppose to be lifted today... it’s now 6pm, Saturday is almost over and I’m still blocked. I’m not sure if I’ve been forgotten about or what, but just bringing it to someone’s attention

(Writing this from a different IP)

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PostPosted:08 Jun 2019, 13:21
by *Admin Vy
Hi Binxy,

The ban should have already been lifted. Can you check and clarify where/which accounts you are still blocked on? Bans are often via IP and email or account names.

Also, as a reminder, please title future help desk enquiries appropriately as this helps us to keep better track of what help people need.

Admin Vy

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PostPosted:08 Jun 2019, 13:53
by Binxyboo
When I wrote this all accounts were blocked. So is discord, but I’ve deleted my account off discord so that doesn’t matter. The IP and email may have been blocked, but I was still able to post this with a different IP, if my email was blocked too I don’t know why I was still able to make the post, I’ve been able to use the site the entire 2 weeks from the same IP so maybe the email wasn’t blocked? I dunno.

I didn’t know what to title this as.

Anyway, I’m here on my regular IP so it’s all back to normal and fine now.