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 #28351  by Binxyboo
When I requested my characters to be deleted, I deleted all the profiles as well. But for some reason they have all been brought back onto the site. I've asked an Admin why have they been brought back, I was ignored so I'm asking for answers here please. I wanted my profiles gone, and someone has un-deleted them against my wishes. Why?
 #28353  by Inactive Admin
Hi Binxy,

We've checked all of the Admin accounts and we don't show any record of you sending a PM regarding this issue. Is it possible that you did not send the PM to a staff account but to an OOC or character account? If so, that is likely why we do not have a record of the PM.

To answer your question, deleting posts and topics clutters up the database which bogs down the site and can make it slower or cause other problems. In the past we've limited the ability to delete posts, and the Character Profiles Directory was one such area where we had that limitation. This setting was likely missed when we transferred to this new board. Thank you for bringing it to our attention so that we may fix it.

We like to keep deleted and inactive character profiles around for several reasons. First, should a player wish to return and play that character again, they still have the sheet on the site that they can use to reference. Second, we like to have a record of what characters we have had in order to protect current and former members from having their character ideas stolen by another player.

Let us know if you have any further questions,

Admin Izzy
 #28354  by Binxyboo
I just checked, it was an ooc account and not their admin account. Before it’s more than likely said I should only message admin accounts and not their normal ooc ones for questions and issues, I was just replying to a PM that was already sent to me >.< I didn’t even notice the username was the ooc one and not the admin one when I was sending the PM 😆

And Thank you for clearing the profile issue up for me, makes sense.

Thank you again