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 #30622  by Inquiring

I was wondering if it were possible to gain access to the archives to get back some graphics and my character profiles for rather old characters. I was told I needed to PM staff in order to do this, but me trying to set up an account has resulted in a general board error three times, so I'm trying here. Thank you.
 #30630  by *Admin Sprinkles
Hi, and welcome back!!! :) It's always so great to see returning friends, no matter how "rather old" they are!

First off, I apologize for our current user registration issue; as we've just posted in the Bulletin Board one of our software updates was causing a conflict. You should be able to register an OOC Account now and activate it properly, which should let you send me a PM as soon as you're in. We do have some restrictions for private messages with new accounts to avoid spam, however, so if that doesn't work please feel free to send an email to RPVault713 at gmail dot com.

In either case, you'll need to include the following information -- as much of it as you have available!
- The names of the character(s) as they appeared on the account
- Roughly when you believe the profile or graphics were posted (year, etc)
- What you are specifically looking for us to locate (character profile, original application/character sheet, etc)

Please note that since many previous member graphics were hosted on third party sites, we may not always have access to this information. As well, due to database corruption it can be a time consuming process to attempt to locate certain things (our old search features are nowhere near as functional and robust as the current one--which I'm sure you may remember if you were here long ago!) so we make no promises, but I will try my very best to help you out as best I can!

Please also note that at this time I can only access items from a window spanning 2011-2017, so if you were a member prior to that time I unfortunately will not be able to assist (but the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine might be able to!)

I hope you can forgive me for the big wall of text, just trying to help out in any way that I can! No matter how long you've been away, we hope you're doing well and you're always welcome here in your Vault 713 family.

Please let me know if this clears everything up or if you have any further questions,

Admin Manda
 #30963  by Inquiring
Hello Manda,

PMs do not seem to work on this account, so I feel like I'll be sending that email after all. If it were at all possible, I would prefer to keep the interactions between you and I. Thank you!
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