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 #32711  by Morgana
I logout I see it. Then when attempt to do it make a character. I no longer see it in Morgana account my ooc account. I try to make character without log in and I click save draft because I want everything look good and then it was gone like that. At that point I was frustration so that was it.
 #32716  by Inactive Admin Account
Hi Morgana!

Just for clarity, what is it that you can't see? Is it a forum, posting option, drafts? Are you trying to create a new account or just post in the wanted character area?

Let us know so we can investigate further!

Admin Vy
 #32722  by Inactive Admin Account
Hi Morgana!

To post in the wanted character section you need to be logged in on your ooc account. You should be able to see the forum by clicking the 'create a character' button in the side bar, and it should be the bottom forum under the workshop.

Let me know if that helped!

-Admin Vy