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 #32898  by Guest
Good morning! A friend shared your site with me, and I'm very interested in possibly bring a character I've used in the past here to play. However, I was wondering if there were any rules about character traits. Are characters with handicaps/lasting injuries that muggle medicine and magical healing couldn't fix allowed?
 #32899  by Inactive Admin Account
Hello, guest! Welcome to Vault 713!

Of course they're allowed! In fact, I have a character with an amputated foot and one with an amputated hand, and there are plenty other characters on board with injuries of varying severity too!

We don't have any rules about what characters can or can't have in this regard, so you're more than welcome to bring your character along.

Hope this helps! :)
Admin Vy
 #32900  by Guest
Excellent! I'll have to find some time to get her all set to go! Yay! Thank you so much!