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 #33572  by Ejder

So I've been trying to fill in the claim sheet, but it doesn't let you choose 'save it for later' for all three skill certifications or both character abilities, only one per question. So what if I don't know what to do with any of this yet? Do I have to choose now? Is this all null and void next season? How about the 'save a character from inactivity', can I save it for later?

Also I'm not sure if I understand the micro-business thing. My idea was in Muggle London, sounds like that's not possible, but what I don't get is that you're already listing businesses, so are we voting on those, or creating original ones? Please help a guy out!
 #33573  by Inactive Admin Account
Hi Ejder!

Thank you for pointing that out; there was an error with the format of the survey, so it should be fixed now so you can choose multiple in the same row for both the certifications and abilities.

The character activity reward is only redeemable for the Fall/Winter 2019 downtime, as stated on the Posting Party rewards list in the information posts.

The reward was to create a micro-business, which means to create a smaller business within a pre-existing one. An example of this would be Dahl's Creatures and Curios within the Schwarzwald Market, or Body by Boddy in the Constellation Plaza. Alternatively, players can establish a new branch for pre-existing businesses, an example is to have a Nautilus Fisheries branch in South America.

Players can make original businesses by using the business creation guide.

Hopefully this helped!
Admin Vy
 #33575  by Ejder
Thank you for fixing the issue. And sorry for not reading over the whole thing. My reading skills are, uh, inherently compromised, so I'm afraid I will be asking these kinds of questions again. I do my best, but please be patient with me? :/
 #33577  by Inactive Admin Account
Of course! Ask as many questions as you need to!

I'll leave these thread open so you can ask further questions without posting a new topic :)

Admin Vy
 #33625  by Ejder
How much time will it take to be able to use the rewards? I'm not trying to stress anyone out, but I do have a char I'd like to make, but definetely not enough quills on my own to do so, so yeah!
 #33633  by Inactive Admin Account
You are welcome to use your other rewards, such as characters, whenever you want. They're yours to use, and the staff will keep track of your rewards balance.

-Admin Vy
 #33773  by Inactive Admin Account
Hi Ejder,

A self thread is where you play both characters in a thread. An example being if you wrote a thread out with Aksel and Dino. Solo storytelling is the section in the sandbox where you post everything on one account as more of a set story without several posts (if that makes sense). It can be used to write flashbacks and memories, or even fanfictions etc.

Also, if you have unrelated questions to this original thread, please create a new topic for them as it makes it easier for other members to see if their own questions have been answered or not.

Hopefully that helped!

Admin Vy