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 #34041  by Ejder

As asked, copied from the Discord help desk:

So this is hardly urgent or anything, especially given how the forums just came back up, but I was having a snoop and realised there was one thread in the player bingo I didn't mark off as completed even though it was, so I was wondering if it had still been tallied. Anyway, like I said, least urgent thing ever, but had to mention it. Thanks for the beautiful forum!

P.S Also, while I'm at it, if I wanted to unarchive a thread, how would I go about it?

Thank you all so much!
 #34044  by Arsene
Hey @Ejder!

I'll take a look to see if your thread was counted as completed for quills. I'll have to convene with the the admins to see what I can do about your Fall Player Bingo card.

As for unarchiving threads, you just have to report your thread under the ACCIO UNFINISHED option from the report feature's dropdown (the same dropdown you selected COMPLETED from). All players are allowed one (1) unarchived thread out at a time. We ask that you finish the thread before requesting an additional one to be unarchived.

I hope that all made sense! I will get back to you tomorrow about the bingo.
 #34053  by Ejder
Thank you very much!

Don't stress at all for the bingo thing, it's in no way a pressing concern for anyone now that we've got all this new shiny forum to explore!

Thanks for the second thing, too! I think I remember something about donors and unarchived threads, but I might be wrong.

In any case, thank you so much, and thanks all of you guys for the hard work you've put in during your holidays. It really paid off, and everything looks amazing.
 #34054  by Inactive Admin Account
Hiya Ejder!

Just to add a little extra info on these two things:

Please let us know which thread you missed off, we will count it toward your reward on this occasion. However, in future please be sure to add it onto your sheet as we try to tally all rewards during downtime periods.

As for the donor rewards and Club713, hang tight! We will be sending PMs out to all donors within the month to clear up any information and outline rewards you have achieved. For the time being, you are more than welcome to report threads you wish to bring back, as they can still wait in the queue until everything is processed.

Hopefully this helped!

(And we appreciate the compliments, glad you like it!)

-Admin Vy