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PostPosted:07 Jan 2020, 19:20
by Maki
I've been looking into adding the Japanese flag to Shiro's profile, (hiro's too) but when I go into settings, then profile I see no drop down option for flags? It's not a big deal....just would be super cool if I could get that set up. :grin:

Re: countries

PostPosted:07 Jan 2020, 19:25
by Inactive Admin Account
Heya Maki!

For the moment, that function isn't available to members. However, you are welcome to submit an account update request and someone will do it ASAP for you!

Hope this helps! Looking forward to seeing Shiro and Hiro around the board!

-Admin Vy

Re: countries

PostPosted:07 Jan 2020, 19:34
by Maki
I'm so glad to know I'm not going nuts by not seeing it. As I said, its honestly no big mods have done so much (Amazing stuff) and are still working on things in the background so I will not take away from your time. I'm more than happy to wait until it is available. Thanks for the info Vy.