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 #35481  by Ejder

So this is absolutely not urgent, but I thought I would bring it up before I forgot again and it became lost to the sands of time (and also before I archive more threads and make this a lot more complicated than it ought to be), but the actual number of stories Dino has completed doesn't match the number written on his profile thingy. Basically it says three but it should be five. :) Like I said, it's no stress, but yeah.

Here are his completed threads (I've double-checked, and I'm convinced they all count towards completed stories, but maybe I got confused? It's been known to happen):

https://www.vault713.com/roleplay/viewt ... 140&t=2839
https://www.vault713.com/roleplay/viewt ... 138&t=2937
https://www.vault713.com/roleplay/viewt ... 140&t=2850
https://www.vault713.com/roleplay/viewt ... 140&t=2914
https://www.vault713.com/roleplay/viewt ... 138&t=2913

Thank you!