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 #23029  by Eliza Villiers

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Name Eliza Amelia Lucy Villiers
Residence Surrey, England
Birth 29 July, 1986 in Surrey, England
Demographics English halfblooded witch
Marital Status Single

Patronus Dolphin
Wand Register Dragon Heartstring, Elm, 11 inches, springy
Amortentia Tamsin's perfume, lavender, strawberries, clean cotton

Occupation Fashion designer & photographer for Teen Witch Magazine
Education Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, Slytherin '04


Mother: Alice Violet Eloise Villers nee Calvert, b. 1950 (Aristocrat)
Father: Oliver Theodore James Villiers, b. 1949 (Accountant)
Brother: Oliver Henry James Villiers, b. 1974 (Accountant)
Sister: Tamsin Vera Henriette Villiers, b. 1979 (Healer)
Sister: Margot Charlotte Eloise Villiers, b. 1980 (Writer)
Brother: Arthur Theodore Leo Villiers, b. 1985 (Stock Clerk)

Friend: Damon Morte Ainsworth, b. 1988 (Ravenclaw)
Friend: Rixius Parker Rains, b. 1987 (Slytherin)
Friend: William Darlington (Set Builder)

+ Cheerful, Passionate, Charismatic, Ambitious, Confident
- Self-centered, Arrogant, Stubborn, Idealistic, Sensitive
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Celtic Tree: Holly - The Ruler
Temperament: Sanguine
Enneagram: The Achiever
MBTI: Protagonist [ENFJ]
Hogwarts House: Slytherin

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