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Isabelle Kamanzi ✶ Squib ✶ Reformation

PostPosted:06 Jun 2020, 12:34
by Isabelle Kamanzi
Name: Isabelle Safi Tumukunde Kamanzi
Date of Birth: July 1st, 1981
Ethnicity: Black African
Nationality: British & Rwandan
Type: Squib
Archetype: The Outcast

Eras: Reformation & Golden
Employer: Vaska
Position: Bartender
Spoken Languages: English, Kinyarwanda, French, basic Swahili
Current Residence: London, England

Basic Psyche
Hobbies: Singing, dance, watercolour, reading, journaling
Loyalties: Her family, her close friends, Vaska
Mental Strengths: Loyalty, good sense of humour, kindness, imagination
Mental Weaknesses: Indecisiveness, insecurity, jealousy, impulsiveness

Personality: In her core, Isabelle is a kindhearted, loyal person who values her family, friends and those close to her. She has a good sense of humour and likes to have fun - she's an extrovert. Though she does have a big chip on her shoulder, and feels that she hasn't truly found her place in the world.

As a Squib she has faced discrimination in the Wizarding community, but doesn't fully fit in to the Muggle world as she has to hide who her family are. This has created a profound insecurity within Isabelle, and she uses a range of unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with this. She feels like an outcast, and craves attention and approval, and her personality can often seem to change based on who she is with, as she is constantly seeking acceptance.
Current Goals: To get an audition to be a Performer at Vaska, instead of staying as a bartender.

Backstory: Isabelle was born on the 1st of July, 1981 to Chantal and Innocent Kamanzi, second generation Rwandan immigrants, residing in Godric's Hollow. Both her parents are respected within the magical community, Chantal working as an Auror, and Innocent as a Runes Specialist for the WES. Isabelle has an older brother, Emmanuel, who is four years her elder.

Both Emmanuel and Isabelle went to the local Muggle primary school in Godric's Hollow, as their parents wanted them to have a well-rounded early education. However, a fundamental difference between them even at their young ages, was that magic was brimming from Emmanuel, odd things were always happening around him, while Isabelle never had those same experiences despite reaching the same age. Though when Emmanuel left for Hogwarts, when she was seven years old, she remembers waving him off at the platform, and listening to her parents talk about how some children were late bloomers when it came to signs of magic, and Isabelle's time would come.

However, it didn't. When she was nine, she stole her father's wand once and waved it around - when her brother did this when he was younger, sparks flew out of it. When she tried, nothing happened. When she turned eleven, her parents sat her down at the kitchen table and explained that Hogwarts would not be happening for her, and that they needed to look at other options for her school in September.

Isabelle was crushed. She attended a local secondary school and took GCSEs, and was able to find her passion for performance and take a Musical Theatre course at college, but she felt outcast from the Magical community that her and her family had always been a part of since Isabelle was born. She had friends at school, but was never able to invite them to her house, or really let them in. The war also affected her in ways she could not explain or articulate in school - her mother was on the frontline, and was injured in the battle, and Isabelle was once again torn between two worlds, fitting in neither.

Recent History: Isabelle struggled a lot after leaving school, and she lost focus. She took the occasional singing lesson, and tried odd jobs both in the Muggle and Magical world, not entirely sure where she fit in. She started drinking more regularly, and dabbling with other substances as well. Isabelle now works as a bartender at Vaska, but is still battling discrimination for being a Squib regularly. Her dream is to become a performer.

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