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Welcome to Connection Classifieds!This forum is specifically for characters created this season to post and seek out roleplaying partners by looking for friends, family, coworkers, classmates, and any other connections your character might have. If your character was created prior to this season, you are welcome to reply to any classified ad you see to help build more connections for your character!

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 #35259  by Ejder

Character Details ➢
Available Eras: Golden, Reformation, Legacy
School Alumni: Nikau graduated from an NPC school in New Zealand in 1978
Employer: British Ministry of Magic
Job Position: Chief Auror (regular Auror in Golden)
Character Sheet: Here

Search Details ➢
Romance: Looking for any potential date for Nikau! If you have a gay man in his forties to fifties in Reformation, hit me up!
Friendship: Nikau is kind of guarded, but I'm sure he has friends! I feel like he might know more men than women, but anyone in his same age range could work!
Co-Workers: Anyone in the Magical Law Enforcement Department, especially Aurors. Maybe they go on a mission? Anyone who works for the Ministry would be cool!
Rivals: You can't get along with everyone, so maybe someone in the Ministry has some form of disagreement with him?
Mentors: More like mentees, that would be super interesting if there was a younger Auror looking up to him!

Roleplaying Details ➢
Favourite Genres: Anything, so long as it's fun! Drama, action, romance, slice of life, so long as it's not boring and there's a curveball once in a while!
Average Post Length: I generally write short posts, but I'm not fussed about what you write, as long as we're collaborating.
Average Thread Length: Whatever makes a story! As long or as short as it takes, so long as it doesn't get stale.
How To Contact: Reply here, or DM me on Discord!
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