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LF: Fellow stars|Old friends|Enemies Ect.

PostPosted:23 May 2019, 19:08
by Gina Batsu
Gemma Batsu


Location: Seoul, Korea (But travels for her job)
G-Producing manager
R-Singer/songwriter (Usually rock and or punk music)

Tom-boyish unless she needs to dress up for work or to romance a fellow celebrity, Gina is outspoken, blunt and to the point. Many have described her as someone you either love for her honesty or hate for her honesty. She's a people person, seeming to drown herself in her found fame, wine and can often be seen making sure she is seen in he press to keep her image front face and center. As a child she was close to her siblings but that fell apart in the summer of 1996- the summer her family was attacked. Showing her need to keep control of her own life she chose to keep working on her career, leaving her family behind. This proved she deep down will look out for #1 and is greedy when it comes to gaining her goals.

Looking for:
Old friends - as her family were well known in the magical community she did a lot of traveling, her habit of being a people person would have gained her many a friend over that time.

Fellow stars- With her drowning herself in her celebrity life, she'd know a lot of people on her level...aka fellow celebrity's. Maybe they did an album together? Or just like to keep with their own status, many options for this.

Love interest- With fame comes loneliness...unless you romance men. And hey, it helps with your PR as well! I could see her getting close to a few of the men she works with or comes a crossed.

Enemies- Competition in her lifestyle is common, Maybe someone is angry she overtook them in the top five? Maybe shes angry they took her out of the top 5? Idea's welcome!

Fans- With how well known she would be late in her career, it wouldn't be shocking if there was a fan or two who were shocked to see her out and about. Or, maybe someone wins a lunch with her? Any idea's welcome!

Re: LF: Fellow stars|Old friends|Enemies Ect.

PostPosted:12 Jul 2019, 21:51
by Arsene
Awesome character, Maki! I love seeing more of the Batsu clan. I of course have Michelle La Fratta for a celebrity connection. She does a lot of traveling around Europe, but I am hoping to branch her out to east Asia :)

Re: LF: Fellow stars|Old friends|Enemies Ect.

PostPosted:21 Jul 2019, 20:24
by Markus Green
Hi. Sorry for the late post. I can see her having connections with those from the la fratta clothing lines. I would be happy to do a thread... I just want to warn I don’t post near as often as I used to. Hope that won’t be an issue.

Re: LF: Fellow stars|Old friends|Enemies Ect.

PostPosted:22 Jul 2019, 10:24
by Arsene
That's okay!