A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #21369  by Daphne Koenig
Daphne didn't dare reply verbally, instead nodding quickly and getting back to work. She took a deep, centering breath and willed her hands to still. It didn't work perfectly, but the worst of the clanking had stopped - aided by Harriet's silencing charm. She worked quickly, and quietly, to load their haul into the bag. She needed to steel herself if she wasn't going to let Harriet down. And she wouldn't - or, rather, she couldn't. Not this time, not ever. She wouldn't stand for it.

Once the last bottle had been loaded up, Daph followed Harriet's gesture towards the door. They needed to make it back across the dark, empty bar without setting off any more traps or attracting any unwanted attention. Which was easier said than done. Who knew what kind of traps those crazy ordinaries had set after closing shop. That log could have killed a person - these people weren't playing around.

Nodding at the order, Daph stood slowly and looked around the floor carefully for any more trip wires. She didn't see one - which didn't necessarily mean there weren't any. But she couldn't sit here all night. Carefully, she began to pick her way back across the bar towards their exit. They were so close to being home free she could taste it. Merlin's would survive until Harriet could get their own shipment in. Everything would be okay.