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 #1915  by Violet Logue
Weather:snowing, Cold

Violet was a child of the street she tend to keep to herself. That is she had made her way toward a nearby dumpster she was ragmuffin one could consider she glance around as if make sure nobody was watching her. She start a fire just by wanting it but making sure nobody was watching. She add stuff to the fire she was freezing to put bluntly and the snow did not help matter.

She was working on staying warm she was not mood to bother people now her focus was on staying warm and watching out for the police that is and other strange people that chase her all the same. She was alone she put her hand near it she would leave the fire that is she was working on staying warm that is and she would scatter if police show up that is or anyone that would stopped that is. She was quiet shy that is with everything that is with one another.
 #2144  by Sora Hahn
Sora was living the life of a 20's woman; attempting to enjoy or apparent immortality for the many years. She'd lived through wars, romances, and horrors - but perhaps this would be the year to really let loose. And so, she had been scouring the cities, wearing flapper dresses with extravagant head pieces, a laced umbrella in her hand to shield her from the snow. Already, she had drunk quite a bit - a concoction for vampires.

She saw the glow of a fire, and furrowed her eyes. Approaching, she soon came face to face with a young girl. Sora blinked, and tipped her head. She had drank her fill of blood already, and so this girl wasn't going to be a meal, but she certainly was intriguing.

"What are you doing, child?"
 #2148  by Violet Logue
Violet was weary of strangers that is most of time she spend it with ghost. Between the weirdo and people waving there stick around. Wasn't it obsession what she was doing? That is she was just tried to stay warm. She wasn't in mood pick pocket anyone at the moment. Just working on staying warm and what not.

"Just tried to stay warm." She told the lady hoping she would just leave her alone. She had made the fire with magic and she made sure nobody saw her so when she did it. So nobody how it happen and she add newspaper and paper that keep it going that is with everything. She wasn't bothering her put bluntly so why she bothering her.

There was party some where it look like she came from party wouldn't she want to go back to it. The reason she hung around ghost she thought they might seen her mother and father. They where kill by people with stick and they hidden her. They where not able to find her.She was only one left alive and if the women came to close she would run from her.
 #2149  by Sora Hahn
Sora pursed her lips and then looked down the empty street. Trying to stay warm? Impossible in this weather, surely. And what was she doing alone at night, anyway? Not that Sora particularly cared but...well, it was dinsconcerting about seeing a child like this. In a way it reminded of herself having to cope after she ran away from her sire.

"You don't have a home?" She asked carefully, looking over her. "Why aren't you with your parents? It's dangerous around here alone."
 #2150  by Violet Logue
Violet did not run away from home. Her parents were murder that is the police never found the killer. "My parent are dead."She knew it was dangerous but she had no were else to a go. She watch but she did not answer the question about home because she stay abandon house. That is she thought about what she said about the house thing. Her mother hide her toychest as those with stick came and kill them. "They were killed." She look back at her watching her moment. She would run from her to put bluntly.
 #2153  by Violet Logue
Violet would not be out here because they might come back to the house and kill her. If she was stay there she lift the house that is knowing that. "I don't know who they are. That is people with funny looking stick and they funny looking robes." She was basically describing wizards that is with robes and everything. She answering the women that is she look back at the women that is still keep her distances from him.
 #2160  by Sora Hahn
Sora smirked at her.

"I know you're a witch, child. I can smell it in your blood." She leaned against a nearby wall. "So...wizards killed your parents?"

She thought for a long moment in silence, watching the snow fall around her, her thoughts circling her mind. And then she looked back to the girl, lifting her chin before asking evenly.

"Do you want revenge?"
 #2166  by Violet Logue
Violet look at her like she had lost her mind. She wasn't witch because her parent were not witches. It did not make sense to her that she would be that is she was witch or wizard. That is she could smell her blood and now she look at her that is she was scary. She did meet one witches that is blonde hair but she thought she was muggle.

She start back away from the women was just as scare. She thought she was witch they might be able to smell blood too.She took off running away from her. That was say she never encourage Vampire that is with the matter. "Liar. I am not witch. My parents were not witches. That make me not witch."

She back away that is revenge and she did not know she was one. "I don't know" There were a lot stuff she want but she had not figure out but as she said that is and there crack on one shop nearby had start form when she said the word liar.
 #2188  by Sora Hahn
Sora pursed her lips, stepping forward to the girl.

"Not a which? Are you in denial?" She smirked and then tilted her head. "Your parents were muggles? Normal humans? How cute...you're a muggle born. I can smell it. I'm surprised you haven't been picked up by a magical school yet..."

She crouched down, looking at Violet intensely.

"Just say the word, little girl, and I'll kill the people who murdered your parents."
 #2191  by Violet Logue
Violet step back from the women that is as she crouch down.Sure she want them dead but she did not even know who they where. It was because of them she was on the street. She did not know what a muggle were normal humans.She did not know there was such a school that is with everything. "Normal human." Now she had to be guard even weirdo are coming that is with word school that is and the word muggleborn.

"Yes I want them dead. I just don't know who they are.Yes I do want too if you find them do that." She wasn't even sure what she was agree but she want her parent back and that is with everything. She want things the way they where before. She wonder if she said would she leave her alone now.
 #2387  by Sora Hahn
Sora smiled darkly, clearly very excited about having permission to kill someone. Violet would get revenge and Sora would get the joy of killing. It would be a wonderful comprimise! She stepped forward, smirking as she did.

"How old are you, girl?"
 #2444  by Violet Logue
None of this made sense to her that is with everything. Why was this women bothering her? She had not bother her and with everything. When she came to close she step off the sidewalk that is and she did not want her to be close.
"Nine year old." She told him that is with the matter that is and she did not trust this women either. She told her that is and she was still back away. She start to take off that is she ran from her that is and she was not going stick around because her teeth scared her as well. She was head for somewhere public that is she was head for public library because she knew people where there.
 #2482  by Sora Hahn
Sora watched as the girl set off. Nine years old and living alone on the streets? Interesting. for some reason, it reminded Sora of herself as a young girl, living day to day in her little fishing village...

She began to pace after the girl, curious, but she soon stopped. No, she would watch her carefully from afar, and she would get revenge for this little girl. And when she was old enough, she would push her into a magic school so that Sora could go back to her regular life. But until then...she would wait.
 #2658  by Violet Logue
What freak her out? It was her smelling her and spark her imagination went wild.She ran right into someone that is on purpose that is she behaved clumsy but in fact she pick pocket before she got to the library and she had done so that is she open one purse. That is she grabbed the money as she did so from one muggle he had nose and had not notice what she had done. "Oh I am so sorry."

Before the guy could say something. She had disappear as if she had not done anything.He had not seen which way she had gone. She was thief as well that is in getting what she want which she might discovery. She was going through the man wallet and taking the money she want that is within. She had put that in her pocket his money went because she got hungry or some place warm for the night.Before she could discovery what she had done to the man.