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 #2556  by Harriet Doran
Location: Merin's Nightclub • Date: January 1925

It had been quite awhile since she had performed on a stage, these days most of her waking hours were spent balancing the books and managing the nightclub's staff. Harriet fingers traveled gently along the black and white keys as she sang the words of an old song her father had taught her. Playing one song while her employees cleaned up after a long night of patronage hardly counted as a performance in front of a crowd, but it felt good nonetheless.

Other than a slight wince she managed to finish her piece despite the instrument's hollow notes. Harry sang the last few notes, a wide smile on her face revelling in the fulfilling joys of music.

Still sitting on the piano's bench Harry pivoted slightly so she would be heard by her Stage Manager. "I know we all have a special attachment to our piano, but sadly I think it's time to see it go." A mournful smile graced her featured as she thought fondly of the many entertainers it had served.
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 #2557  by Daphne Koenig
Daphne hummed along with Harriet's tune as she scurried about on the stage making sure everything was in place for tomorrow. She mostly trusted the other employees, but it was habit for her to double check everyone's work at the end of the night. She had problems with delegation, or so one of her assistants had informed her a few months ago. But Daph couldn't help it when the responsibility for keeping the the shows technical aspects running fell to her and solely her. When Harriet called out to her, though, she paused her micromanagement and turned to face her boss.

Despite the piano's clumsy sound, Daphne loved the old thing. She considered Harriet's words for a moment, hearing some truth in them even where she didn't want to.

"I think the old thing has character." She announced before returning her attention to some ropes that had mysteriously wound around each other after the last performance.
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She turned her attentionback to the piano, tapping on the dissonant notes. "Do the performers ever mention it?" The manager inquired, wondering if she might be doing much about nothing. She was wiling to tolerate a few bad notes if they did not bother their entertainers. After all, a piano would be a considerable expense, one she would be more than happy to avoid.
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Daph stopped messing with the ropes again and shrugged. Maybe someone had mentioned something to her once or twice. Okay, more than once or twice. She sighed and glanced back towards Harriet and the piano.

"Maybe a few." She wouldn't lie to Harriet, even to save the decrepit thing. "But they'll find something to complain about no matter what you do about the piano." The performers were all divas anyways. She knew from experience. If it wasn't the piano, it was the lighting, or the timing of the set changes was too slow, or Daphne was too shrill when she shouted at them to stay out of the way.
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Harriet hummed the right notes and compared them to the piano's. It really was inharmonious. Eventually she shrugged, she didn't need to make a decision tonight.

Sensing that Daphne had gone back to her ropes Harry smiled. The younger woman simply never stopped. "Daphne darling, stop for a moment and come here." Without turning around she tapped on the bench, gently inviting the Stage Manager to join her.
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Daphne's face scrunched up as she fiddled with the damned ropes for half a second longer before finally giving them her back and stalking toward the piano in a huff.

"I swear. If you want something done right around here you'd be better off doing it yourself." She muttered, mostly to herself, before sliding onto the piano bench beside Harriet and running her fingers along the delicate keys. She played a quick scale, wincing slightly when the D note wobbled a bit. Maybe Harriet was right about the instrument's time being up. She was usually right about things.
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Harriet laughed wholeheartedly. "Don't I know it." More than half of her time seemed to be spent doing her employee's tasks or even worst redoing them. But not when it came to Daphne. She was one of the very few on whom the manager could count.

Harriet started humming a duet, her fingers dancing accordingly on the piano as she gave Daphne an expectant look. "Won't you sing it with me?" She asked the younger woman with a wide smile.
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Daph gave her boss a weak smile. She was in a sour mood. But singing would probably cheer her up. It usually did, at least. With a resigned sigh, Daph adjusted her posture. She knew there was no way she could say no to Harriet, anyways. Daphne listened for a measure before picking up the song, starting from the verse Harriet's fingers were working out on the keys, and began to sing the first part with less feeling than she'd normally put into the performance.
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Harriet closed her eyes, leaning into the sweet sound of her employee’s voice. The girl truly was talented.

She came in softly, harmonizing with the young woman. She opened her eyes, leaned into her young protégée giving her a charming smile hoping she would incite her to smiles in return.
 #2578  by Daphne Koenig
It worked. Of course it worked. It always did. Daphne returned Harriet's smile, this time with much more sincerity. She'd always loved to sing, her and her sisters would often harmonize through their chores on the farm to make time pass faster. Briefly she wondered, not for the first time and certainly not for the last, why singing in front of an audience of people wasn't as easy as singing in front of an audience of cows and pigs.

Daphne leaned in towards Harriet, bumping their shoulders together briefly as she started into the next verse. It was a lovely song, one well matched to their voices. Daphne always loved it when Harriet would sing but unfortunately it didn't happen as often these days.
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Daphne's voice melted with her own creating a blissful and envied sound, much like their talents merged together night after night making the nightclub the city's most coveted entertainment hotspot. In her songs as much as her ability to recruit talent, Daphne had rare talents and Harriet cherished them, not unlike a parent would. She encouraged them and nurtured them, but she also protected them, almost possessively so.

The song came to and end far too quickly, leaving Harriet in the weak position of longing for more. Not a fan of anything akin to feeling like she relied on others to appease her, the manager smiled gratefully at her employee. "Always a gift to hear you sing." She complimented, bathing in the peculiar intimacy of having performed with someone.

Not one to linger for too long in any particular feeling, whether good or bad, she shifted slightly on the bench. "I have to go to Chicago next week." Their alcohol suppliers had requested a meeting with her. "I thought perhaps you would like to come and see the talent the city has to offer."
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The song came to an end and Daphne released a content sigh, stretching out her spine and basking in the warmth of Harriet's compliment. "Always a gift to sing with you." She smiled softly to herself, bringing her fingers up to dance across the keys in another quick scale. The worries of the day no longer lurked in her mind, fouling her mood. No more complaining performers, or lazy assistants, or broken rigging. Just her and Harriet on the piano bench, her vocal chords warm from use and her heart warm with affection for the boss that had become like the older sister she'd never had, or even a second mother.

Daphne's body flushed with excitement at the idea of travelling to Chicago to scope out some more, hopefully less whiny, talent. But after a half second of contemplation she frowned, lifting her gaze to Harriet's eyes. "Who will keep this place running without us, though?" The idea of abandoning Merlin's, even for a night, made her anxious. She only ever took a night off when Harriet forced her. Lists of things that would go wrong in her absence always danced in her head whenever she so much as thought about it.
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"Damon." She hated to admit it, but it was their best option if they wanted to come back to a well functioning club. The man would be far to please to be put in charge, he had been coveting Harriet's job even before it became hers. He was jealous with envy and kind of a jerk, but a competent one when it came to it. "If we're lucky he will put a complex locking charm on the doors, forcing us to start our very own nightclub." She said with a laugh although she had considered the option before. There was a difference between managing and establishment and owning it.
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Daph's lips curled into a sneer at the thought of Damon running Merlin's. She hated to admit that Harriet was right, though. They wouldn't come back to a burnt out shell of a building if Damon was in charge, at least. Even if he was a smarmy, weaselly, rude jerk. Daphne hated the man, but she couldn't pretend he was totally incompetent.

"I suppose. If it were only for a few days." She could arrange it so even the laziest of her assistants could handle the workload for that long. "If he does lock us out, we'll just have to put him out of business."
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"For a few days." The manager promised with a charming smile. "There is no doubt in my mind that we could run him out of business." If she the man forced her, she would do it.

She put her hand on Daphne's wrist. "I will buy our tickets next week."