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 #2812  by Harriet Doran
Location: The Accorsi Speakeasy • Date: January 1925

She had spent most of the train ride to Chicago looking out the window, her mind never quite leaving the nightclub. She knew Damon was competent enough to take care of the club in their absence, but the thought of him making the calls made her uneasy.

They had arrived in Chicago, quickly checked into their hotel, they had freshen up and had hit the town. Quite familiar with the city's nightlife because of the business relationships she had with in the city Harriet easily led them to the nearest speakeasy.

They had been sitting for a bit, sipping on a drink appreciating the entertainment when Harriet expressed her verdict. "We definitely need to approach the saxophone player." There was something about him, he just made it look so... Effortless.
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 #2843  by Daphne Koenig
Daphne hadn't traveled much in her twenty-five years, so every chance she got to leave the city was always exciting. Even with her concern for Merlin's back in New York, Daphne could barely contain herself. She had followed Harriet closely through the streets of Chicago, alight with excitement, to the door of the speakeasy where they'd be spotting some talent.

They hadn't been there terribly long, her drink was only half-empty, but she had to agree with her boss. The saxophonist on stage was something special. The only other musician that had caught her ear since they'd sat down was the trumpeter. His brief solo had been fascinating to listen to, but he seemed to have a hard time reigning himself into a proper harmony with the others. Daphne had quickly dismissed his talents, they didn't need anymore divas at Merlin's. But the saxophonist was gifted, that was undeniable.

"You're right," she agreed, glancing back at the musicians at the front of the room. "He isn't the best I've ever heard, but there is something about the way he plays." She mused, watching the musician's finish up the latest song.
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 #2844  by Harriet Doran
"The singer is quite handsome." She observed not willing to give him other compliments. His voice was fine, but he seemed far too fond of himself for Harriet's taste. "Oh, he seems to be looking at you." She added with a laugh.
 #2845  by Tussio Accorsi
Tussio approached the two women making sure his wide smile transformed into a concerned frown. He crouched between the two and cleared his throat to get their attention.

"It's impolite to poach the entertainment." He warned his arm resting behind Harriet's chair.
 #2850  by Daphne Koenig
Daphne ignored Harriet's comments about the singer with a blush. He was handsome, she had noticed. But even from here she could see the man liked the sound of his own voice too much. She was just about to start in on a critique the bassist who was proving to be a reliable enough musician, even if his bass lines were rather dull, when the man interrupted her inspired commentary before it could begin.

Scrunching up her nose, Daphne glanced up at him. And here she had thought they were being inconspicuous. "Maybe it would be if there were any entertainment worth poaching." Ignoring the talented saxophonist, of course. But Daphne refused to be intimidated by the competition and she wasn't feeling very generous anymore now that they'd been interrupted.
 #2851  by Harriet Doran
Harriet's eyes widened in surprise at her employee's boldness, but the whole situation was far too amusing to intervene. If Daphne wanted to assert herself in front of Tussio Accorsi then she should suffer the consequences or at the very least get an idea of who she had been addressing in such a bold way.

Harriet remained silent, but gave no sign that she disagreed with Daphne.
 #2853  by Tussio Accorsi
He had been teasing them. Their nightclub in New York was far from threatening for his business. Not to mention that he supplied their alcohol which meant good business for them was good business for him. Sharing entertainment could benefit them really.

But this insolence was hard to tolerate. The man's jaw tightened as did his grip on Harriet's chair.
 #2855  by Anna Accorsi
"Because you would know all about entertainment wouldn't you Ms. Koenig." A voice crooned from a nearby table, her foot twitching to the sound of the saxophone while her head remained facing forward, the darkness of the club obscuring her face altogether.

A cigarette burned in her left hand, the long holder tucked neatly between her forefinger and middle finger, Anna lifted it to her lips and took a drag before turning ever so slightly to turn her gaze towards the blonde bar manager. "Harriet dear, I didn't realize you were bringing company." Smoke escaped her lips at the same time as her words, but she paid no mind, instead looked to her husband and then back to Doran. "I'm afraid four is just too much for even Tussio and myself."
 #2859  by Daphne Koenig
Daphne turned to face the stage again, smirking slightly to herself. She realized now that she was talking to the Accorsi's. She knew they supplied the club's alcohol so it was probably in her best interest to not offend either of them, Harriet would be upset if they lost the supplier. But the woman had called her out, and Daphne did know a lot about entertainment. And she certainly didn't do well with that knowledge being challenged. Her ear for music was good, and her eye for performance was even better.

"I know enough to tell a second rate ensemble when I hear it." She muttered before she could think twice about it, glancing up at the woman with an eyebrow raised. She'd be damned if she was going to be cut out of the conversation. Harriet was in charge, but Daphne was her right-hand.
 #2863  by Harriet Doran
Harriet had been willing to stand back and watch Tussio have a little fun before she intervened, but when she heard Anna Accorsi's voice she knew there was no time to waste. While Tussio's was a proud man who likely would have appreciated an opportunity to assess his dominance Anna Accorsi was a lethal woman who enjoyed toying with her victims before she went for the kill. She would not have retreated as easily as Tussio.

She put a hand Daphne's arm hoping it would be enough to let the girl know that this road was not to be continued without great consideration. "Anna, Tussio this is my Stage Manager, Daphne Koenig." But of course they already knew that, rare were the things that escaped them. "Daphne, darling I thought it was time for you to meet our suppliers." She hoped the husband and wife were willing to continue the conversation on a different tone.

Harry gave Anna a quick look. Those allusions to business that did not involve Daphne certainly needed to stop.
 #2864  by Tussio Accorsi
Tussio smiled when he heard his wife's voice. The poor girl didn't stand a chance.

"Perhaps I should fire them and ask the two of you to replace them. You have a lovely voice, Harriet, don't you?" The stood from where he had been crouching, took a chair and joined their table. "How about you Miss Koenig? Can you sing or are you only interested in telling others how they should use their talents?" Hopefully this would satisfy Anna and she would let the poor girl go.
 #2865  by Anna Accorsi
Raising her brow, daring Harriet to call her out on the topic she was speaking of, Anna kept the managers gaze, even as Daphne and her husband spoke and didn't even blink until Tussio's tone changed to one she detested immensely. Tussio was trying to reign her in, tighten her leash before she got far enough away to pounce, but apparently the man had forgotten the the leash holding her back was only a figment of his imagination. Anna was not be tamed ever.

"Or perhaps we could get rid of James, Charles and Walter altogether. None of them have family so surely they wouldn't be missed, because after all, they're only a 'second rate'." The witch supplied evenly, her body now turning to face Daphne and Harriet fully.
 #2866  by Daphne Koenig
Daphne looked down at Harriet's hand on her arm, taking it for the warning it was. Retract her claws, or they could lose the supplier. Daphne didn't like backing down from a fight, she didn't appreciate bullies. Especially bullies that underestimated her. But for Harriet, she would hold her tongue.

Shifting her gaze back to Tussio, she pasted a smile on her face and shrugged. "A woman shouldn't sing her own praises, Mr. Accorsi. She should be modest about her talents, wouldn't you agree?" She tried to sound sincere, she wasn't a braggart. Her eyes flickered over to Anna before returning to Tussio, addressing them both "and I wouldn't dare to try to tell you how to run your own establishment." Well, she would. But not if it meant angering Harriet.
 #2902  by Harriet Doran
Rare were those who understood the virtues of silence. Had Damon been here with her he certainly would have continued mouthing off to their host, leading them into a conflict greater than they could handle, but Daphne understood. Or at the very least she has enough respect for Harriet to listen when she was asked to stand down. The manager gave her girl a small grateful smile.

A smile that became a little less warm, a little more sultry when it reached Anna Accorsi. "Come sit with us now that you've made your dramatic entrance." She gestured towards the chair next to her. Harry knew Anna was capable of the thing she had suggested, she also knew better than to say anything that could challenger the woman.
 #2904  by Tussio Accorsi
Tussio watched carefully as Harriet interacted with Anna all while listening to the young woman.

"A woman not willing to sing her own praises shouldn't act imperious in a domain that is not her own." The man reformulated in a way that suited him better.

With a quick snap of his fingers he indicated that their table should be given another round and within seconds a barkeep was with them filling their respective drinks. "What kind of entertainment are you looking for exactly?" He inquired taking a sip under the barkeep's nervous gaze. Tussio nodded slightly to indicate that he was satisfied. With an almost audible sigh the barkeep scurried back behind his bar.