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 #2917  by Anna Accorsi
Watching Daphne carefully, the cigarette holder between her fingers bopping gently as she shifted her wrist from her mouth back to the table, "I'm fine, thank you Harriet. I'm sure we will have enough time to enjoy each others company later on." The woman murmured before uncrossing her legs and standing up. "For now, talk with Tussio while I disappear into the back, and please, if you would, keep Mrs Grundy under control." Leaning forward, even as her eyes still roamed Daphne's face, Anna pressed her lips to the side of Harriet's mouth swiftly but surely and then moved back and around the table to where Tussio was sitting. Cupping his rough jaw, she also pressed a kiss to his mouth and patted his cheek deftly, "Behave. I'll be right back."
 #2958  by Daphne Koenig
Daphne chose to ignore Tussio's rephrasing and Anna's insult, her mother had instilled in her the virtue of 'if you have nothing nice to say, it's best to say nothing at all'. And now was as good a time as every to put it into practice, it was time for business. Not insulting the supplier. As Anna slipped away from them, Daph turned her attention to the remaining Accorsi.

"A new singer would be nice." Daphne commented blandly, glancing back at the stage and the performer who was clearly signing that ballad to himself. "But I'm not too picky." That was wrong, she was incredibly picky about the performers. Daph had some input, but she deferred often to the expertise of her superiors. She cast a warm smile at her boss. "Harriet is the one in charge of those decisions."
 #3012  by Tussio Accorsi
Running a hand through his thick beard, the man contemplated the young girl. She seemed tough enough, surely she'd survive an evening at The Watering Hole. "I can help." He took a piece of parchment from inside his robes and quickly scribbled something on it. He offered the piece of parchment to Daphne.
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 #3013  by Harriet Doran
She had made an entrance and now she was making quite the escape, but of course Harriet hadn't expected any less from the Accorsi matriarch.

Almost too busy looking at Anna who was walking away, Harriet almost missed Tussio's hand moving towards her protégé. With a swift movement she took the piece of parchment from the man's hand before it reached Daphne's. "You'll pardon me, but experience suggests that we would be wise to meet an Accorsi's unexpected generosity by taking our wands out and putting our backs against the wall." She interjected playfully, but meaning it fully. She gave Daphne a quick glance hoping the young woman wouldn't be too offended by her interference.

She was willing to play nice with the Accoris. Very nice really, but knowing what they were capable of she wasn't too keen on letting Daphne get involved with them more than necessary. She opened the folded piece of parchment and read the address and instructions on it. "Have you ever been to a gentlemen's club, Daphne?" Harriet inquired, folding the piece of parchment and handing it to her employe. On it Daphne would read instructions on how to get into the city's most exclusive club.
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Daphne frowned down at the parchment as she took it from Harriet, blushing. She wasn't sure what a woman like her would do in a Gentleman's club. She wasn't even sure they'd let someone like her into their establishment. She flicked her gaze up to Accorsi, knowing he must be trying to fluster her. She wasn't the most streetwise, but she knew what a Gentleman's club was. She wasn't about to let this man get the best of her. She'd retracted her claws, but she still wasn't about to play nice.

"No, Harriet. Can't say I have." She folded the parchment and slid it back to her boss. "I'm not sure they would have the type of talent we're looking for, anyways."
 #3542  by Tussio Accorsi
With a hand on his chest he feigned offence. "Harriet, your lack of trust in me wounds me." But quickly a smile crept its way back to his features.

"There's someone." He explained while looking at the younger woman. "You'll have to wait for the end of the night, but eventually you will notice her."
 #3651  by Daphne Koenig
Daphne narrowed her eyes at Mr. Accorsi, sliding her gaze over to Harriet for only a second to gauge her reaction. She wasn't quiet sure how to respond. Her gut told her he was playing with her, and she hated being played with. But her head told her not to take the bait.

"Well, if Mr. Accorsi says it is so, it must be." She sighed, shifting her attention fully to her boss. "What do you think, Harriet" When in doubt, go with what Harriet says. That was Daph's default.
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"I think it's time for you to attend an evening at gentleman's club." Harriet confirmed. "But not without me." She gave Tussio a warning glare. If it was one of his little game he could back off right now, because she was not about to let her protegée walk into his little trap alone.