A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #3616  by Caterina Rothwell
Location: Times Square • Date: 12.2.1925

"Ulysses....down, down Ulysses! Oh, please, you stupid--" With a grunt, Caterina yanked on the dogs leash and effectively pulled him off the stunned woman who had joined her for an afternoon outing in the park.

Chuckling quietly, her cheeks reddened from embarrassment and the cold, the younger woman slowly sat down next to the English lady, "Sorry, it's been awhile since he has seen you."
 #3626  by Lady Madeline Blythe
"That's perfectly alright," Madeline replied, even as she eyed the large golden retriever suspiciously until he backed away and took a seat at Caterina's feet. It had been awhile since she had seen Ulysses though so she reached over and scratched him behind an ear softly.

She watched Caterina from the corner of her eye, before turning her head to face the American, "How was your time in Texas?" She asked as she took in the way the afternoon sun reflected off the snow surrounding them, making Caterina look more pale than usual.
 #3628  by Caterina Rothwell
She smiled down at Madeline, her chest warm and fuzzy like as she realized just how close the woman was, "It was long and tedious, much like the train ride home." In truth, Caterina had only taken a train half way there, and then apparated the rest of the way, but telling Madeline that would only make the woman uncomfortable. Magic was still considered strange and fearsome by the no-maj, even after two years of exposure.

"But I was able to secure more advertising, so the board is happy."
 #3633  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Madeline sat back and then pulled her coat tighter around herself. It wasn't too cold today, but it was still winter and eventually they would have to head home else they catch the flu.

"I'm glad, but I am sorry you needed to go in the first place. Those men should be grateful they have you at the helm, but apparently even...magical women are not afforded the benefit of the doubt." Madeline said, her arm shifting ever so slightly to press against Caterina's own.
 #3635  by Caterina Rothwell
Pursing her lips, Caterina shrugged, "Our worlds are not that different," She murmured, knowing all too well that Madeline had experienced her fair share of prejudice in her life. It just so happened that Madeline had dealt with more than one type.

"But enough of that, why don't we head back and I can fix us a cup of tea?"
 #3652  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Her skin crawled at Caterina's words, but the English noble managed to hide her grimace and instead squeezed the woman's hand, "Just a few more minutes and then we will go alright?" Madeline said, linking her pinky with the writers while keeping an eye out for other park visitors.

Just this once, Madeline would like to engage in something more than friendly contact outside their homes, even just for five minutes.
 #3654  by Caterina Rothwell
Tightening her hold on Ulysses, Caterina turned her head to peer at Madeline, "Are you not cold my dear?" It certainly felt like she was, the hand pressed against her own felt frozen to the touch and the lips only a few inches away were slowly turning purple.

"Perhaps you would let me warm you up if you'd prefer to stay out here longer?"
 #3745  by Lady Madeline Blythe
She narrowed her gaze and trapped her bottom lip between her teeth. The woman's magical abilities scared her, but she was trying to keep an open mind and let Caterina be herself when around her. So Madeline nodded and watched as the woman pulled a wand from a concealed pocket in her dress and pressed it to her abdomen gently. She flinched reflectively but didn't move away even when warmth started to envelope her body limb by limb by limb.

"Oh, well," The Lady breathed in awe, her cheeks going from a pasty, white to a rosy red. Madeline even felt the heat radiating off the round flesh, "isn't that something."
 #3757  by Caterina Rothwell
Tucking away her wand, Caterina patted her skirt twice before turning to smile at the woman, "Magic isn't a bad thing Lady Madeline, not if the one wielding it is trustworthy." True there had been some awful, dark, evil witches and wizards that had surfaced at different points in history, but the majority of the magical population were good. Caterina was one of those.

"And you trust me, yes?"
 #3758  by Lady Madeline Blythe
"Yes," She whispered, her fingers moving to thread carefully with Caterinas. Madeline did trust the woman, but it would take more than that to get her to feel comfortable around magic. Thankfully she wasn't privy to it all day, everyday and she could live blissfully ignorant until she saw Caterina again.

Squeezing the heiresses hand, she licked her lips and smiled, "You know, just one of these days I'd like to kiss you in public like the lovers we are. Not like friends who only see each other every so often."
 #3759  by Caterina Rothwell
Staring into Madeline's eyes, Caterina breathed in through her nose, trying to find what she was looking for in the deep depths of the woman's teal colored eyes. After five solid seconds, the pale woman seemed to find exactly that and then stood, pulling her hand free so she could tie Ulysses leash to the park bench. She patted the canine on the head before turning and leaning down slightly over Madeline, "Come with me." She said before grabbing the brunettes hand and pulling her towards a large oak tree not a few meters away from them.

Placing a hand against Madeline's chest, she pushed until the woman was standing with her back against the trunk and then pulled her wand from her skirts again. "Trust me," She repeated before murmuring the incantation for the No-Maj-Replling charm and a Disillusionment charm for thoroughness. Once that was one, she kept her wand in her hand and ducked her head down to graze her lips across Madeline's cheekbone.
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Letting out a squeak as Caterina pulled her to her feet and then pushed her towards a tree that she then pushed her against, Madeline watched with wide eyes as the heiress whipped out her wand and waved it around before leaning in towards her, "What--what are you--oh," She stuttered before reaching out with shaking hands to grab at the woman's skirt. Fisting the fabric in her hands, she breathed out unsteadily as she felt Caterina's lip brush against cheekbone and then as quick as a flash she moved her head to the side to capture the woman's lips with her own.

The kiss didn't last very long but that was only because Madeline had to pull away to laugh happily, "Well, if this is your way on convincing me that magic isn't bad, you're succeeding."
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She laughed lowly in response, the hand not holding her wand moving from her waist to cup Madeline's jaw. Perhaps the English woman could be convinced yet.

"There's more where that come Madeline, you just need to trust me. I would never do anything to harm you, that I promise."