A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #3731  by Harriet Doran
Location: Merlin's Nightclub • Date: January 1925

Nothing remained of the day except for a line of marbled fiery gold slowly disappearing along the western horizon. The streets were quiet, except for a few souls hurrying home before darkness fell. Prohibition had been cruel to the city's nightlife. Many who had been used to come to life after dusk had retired to living in the daylight for fear of being caught and prosecuted for enjoying one of life's simplest pleasures.

For the nightclub's manager however nighttime was still where she felt at home. The fear of getting caught was long gone for she was convinced that she was offering a essential service.

Harry arrived to the club later than usual that evening, since she had gone home to freshen up after a long train ride. The trip had been fruitful, despite the Accorsi being their colourful self, but Harriet was more than happy to be back at the club.

Wearing one of her usual top hats, she made her way into the establishment. Sensing that something was askew as soon as she walked in, the manager frowned as she approached the bar.
 #4104  by Caterina Rothwell
It had been over ten years since Caterina had stepped foot into a nightclub let alone a magical Speakeasy, but with the prohibition effecting the Ordinary alcohol sales more so than the magical, most of the blind pigs the heiress visited every so often had all closed down. She did however have it on good word that Merlin's Nightclub was the best in New York and found no reason not to visit. The music was sure to be good, even if the company was probably less than stellar.

So after spending a good portion of the early evening getting ready, Caterina had finished a quick meal before apparating right into the alley that would lead her to the club. She was in and sipping at a fire whiskey while listening to the smooth tunes of a saxophone when a quiet scream came from two seats down at the bar. Someone had set their beard on fire by not blowing out a flame atop from lethal drink and the bartender was dumping a bucket of water and ice on them.

Yes, this was definitely a magical venue.
 #4247  by Harriet Doran
As she watched her staff handle the flaming beard Harry noticed what was wrong. Jerry, her favourite barkeep was absent.

"Where is Jerry?" She asked the man behind the bar as soon as the flaming beard became a fuming one.

Obviously afraid to answer, her employee looked a the floored as he spoke. "Ask Damon."

Fuming. Way too angry to go talk to the man who had been in charge in her absence she reached behind the bar to take a bottle and a glass. She filled the glass and downed the drink.
 #4257  by Daphne Koenig
The days away from Merlin's had not, as Daphen feared, wreaked havoc on her line-up. They were still looking for more performers, and talent was thin. With any luck they'd be able to draw a local singer away from one of their competitors, since Chicago had turned out to be mostly a bust as far as she was concerned. She'd hoped to completely reinvigorate the line-up but had walked away not totally satisfied.

She'd arrived back at work early and immediately set to preparing for tonight's show. Her assistants were all competent enough, but there was too much work to be done to get ready. By the time Harriet rolled in she was neck deep in setting the schedules for their newest acquisition. But when she heard her boss enter the speakeasy, Daph drew herself away. She hadn't even noticed Jerry was missing until Harriet was asking Petey about him. Sidling up besides the bartender, Daph eyed Harriet warily as she downed the drink.

"What's he done this time?" She asked, scowling as she poured her own drink. She'd always hated that bastard Damon, if he'd messed with Harriet's nightclub while they were away there'd be hell to pay.
 #4336  by Caterina Rothwell
Caterina eyed the two woman and lone man from where she sat at the bar, trying to figure out who was employer from employee. Eventually she deduced that the blonde reaching for a bottle from behind the bar was in fact the manager of this fine establishment, and turned in her chair to face the woman, "If you're looking for the small gentleman who has violet hair, he just disappeared through that door," And pointing to the previously said door, she smiled and took a sip of her drink.
 #4343  by Harriet Doran
Without even noticing, she gave Daphne a small smile. It was always reassuring to have the young woman by her side.

Harriet gave a grateful smile to the patron who seemed to have noticed where Jerry had gone. Not meaning to be rude, but not inclined to deal with her business in front of a patron Harriet lured her remaining barman away from the woman. She hoped Daphne would know she was meant to follow.

"Did he fire him?" She asked although he already knew the answer. Of course Damon had fire him! Jerry was a smart and outspoken man. She could see it already, Damon had tried to do something stupid and Jerry had spoken out warranting himself with one of the Damon's fit.

"I'm afraid he did, ma'am." The barman answered as he attempted to walk away. Harriet stopped him. "Offer that woman a drink and thank her for being helpful. Let her know I will express my gratitude in person shortly."

She let the man flee and turned to Daphne, her whole being taken over by frustration. "Where is Damon?" She asked the young woman, hoping she would be able to offer an answer.
 #4365  by Daphne Koenig
Daphne offered a nod to the helpful patron and quickly shuffled after Harriet and the sheepish bartender. This ought to be good. She'd been looking for an excuse to lay into Damon for months. Firing Harriet's favorite bartender was a quick way to earn her ire, and even if Daph wasn't the one giving it to that idiot Damon it would be fun to watch Harriet do it. Hell, maybe Harriet would finally fire the sleazeball that had always been after her job. Competent as he was, Damon was a rat in most senses of the word.

"Haven't seen him in a half-hour", she'd been so consumed in preparing for tonight she hadn't been keeping tabs on the man. "Last I saw him he was on his way to the office." No saying if he was still there, though.
 #4381  by Harriet Doran
"I'm hesitating between firing him and strangling him. Care to cast a vote?" The manager asked rhetorically.

The blonde took a few deep breaths. Sending him home for the night would have to do. With a few quick strides she made her way to the office, where sure enough Damon was found sitting behind her desk. Fulminating, nostrils flaring, she brought her hand to her wand, but kept the instrument on her belt.

"Damon, you were explicitly told you did not have the authority to fire my employees. Go home. Go home now. And if you do not find a way to convince Jerry to come back do not bother returning." For a microsecond her eyes widened in surprise at her own bold statement. Harriet ran the club with a iron fist, but she usually avoided making those kinds of threatening promises.

Damon looked up from the document he had been reading, his eyes moving from his boss the the younger woman woman behind her. "Oh well of course. So then you'll be able to train your little minion in my stead." He spat pointing at Daphne.
 #4677  by Daphne Koenig
"You fire him, I'll strangle him. Divide the work load?" She offered under her breath. She'd love to get her hands around Damon's weasley neck.

Following Harriet into the office, she narrowed her eyes at the man behind her boss's desk. Presumptuous ass. She got a momentary jolt of adrenaline at hearing Harriet take such a firm hand. It even overshadowed the disappointment of Damon still having a job despite firing Harriet's favorite bartender.

Daph smirked at Damon trying to lash out at her. It wasn't the first time, and it probably wouldn't be the last. "We both know I'd be a better manager than you, Damon. But my talents are better spent on the entertainment. Since that is what brings people through our doors." She sneered, not being able to help herself. Damon brought out the worst in most people, and Daph wasn't an exception.
 #4743  by Harriet Doran
"Leave. Now." Harriet ordered with unwavering features.

Clearly trying to display his courage Damon got up from behind the desk with his eyes staring straight into Harriet's. Taking his time to leave the room he gave them both a look of disdain before he finally left the premises.

Harriet slammed her office door shut, went behind her desk and took a bottle she had hidden in one of the drawers. She filled a glass for herself as well as one for Daphne. "Are you sure you don't want to become manager?" The blonde asked with a proud smile on her features. There was no greater reward than seeing Daphne standing up to Damon.
 #5018  by Daphne Koenig
Daph watched Damon leave cautiously, she wouldn't put it past him to try something equally as stupid as firing Harriet's favorite barkeep on his way out. Once he was well and truly gone, she returned her attention to her boss.

Taking the prepared drink, Daph rested her hip against Harriet's desk and gave a humble shrug. "No." She didn't even need to think about it. "My place is behind the curtain on that stage." If she couldn't be on it, she'd at least be in charge of it. "But it means so much that you think I could be manager."
 #5057  by Harriet Doran
"You know where I truly envision you." Harriet took a sip of her drink, but her eyes did not leave the young woman in front of her. Daphne had been blessed with a talent that was far and few between and every once in a while Harriet liked to remind the young woman that she was one of the few who was privileged enough to witness said gift.

It was what had drawn her to Daphne, but it had quickly become clear to the manager that the young woman had more than one talent. While singing was her greatest, it was others that had become indispensable to Harriet.
 #5141  by Daphne Koenig
Daph blushed at the implication. She knew Harriet was and would always be her biggest supporter, and behind Daphne herself the one who most wanted to see her with success on the stage. But Harriet had also been witness to what happened when Daphne got up on said stage. And it wasn't pretty.

"Maybe one day, right?" Even though it was far from likely. "Until then, I'm content managing your stage for you." And with an iron fist. She would repay Harriet all her kindness in the form of the best stage show in all of New York. It was a promise she'd made to herself when Harriet had offered her the position in the first place.
 #5220  by Harriet Doran
Leaning against her desk, she put her glass down. "One day, without a doubt." Harriet corrected.

Grateful, but unsurprised to hear the woman reaffirm her loyalty, Harriet smiled almost possessively. "What do you say we go back?" The manager asked as she put the bottle back into her desk.
 #5271  by Daphne Koenig
Daph gave her boss a small half smile and finished off her drink. A pleasant, warm feeling spread through her chest at Harriet's unequivocal words of support. Yes. One day.

"Let's." She nodded. Daphne needed to get back to the front of the house. She had started putting her show back together after their absence hours ago, but she was far from done. Moving towards the office's door, she held it open for Harriet to go through first.