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 #3736  by Anna Accorsi
Location: The Crypt • Date: January
Time of Day: Midnight • Weather: Raining

The Crypt, the second bar her husband ever opened, was a small, and relatively unknown establishment that only housed witches and wizards that had been personally invited to attend. It was hidden in the alleyway next to their speakeasy Sin, but unless you had been told about it by one of the two Secret-Keepers, the dark alley came to a dead end a lot earlier then the rest.

Tonight, Anna had slipped into the generously filled club and took a seat in the small section that she and Tussio usually used and reclined on the leather sofa. The drinks were much better here and nobody even looked in her direction. Soon her husband would be joining her however, so the ruthless woman ordered herself a fire martini and lit a cigarette. Anna would like to be at least pleasantly buzzed before she was forced to play wife.
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 #3749  by Harriet Doran
Using the instructions Tussio had given her Harriet easily found the entrance to The Crypt. The vibe was different, far more exclusive than their other location.

Quickly, as if sensing her presence, Harry found Anna sitting in the shadows, the faint light of her cigarette gliding on her features. "Interesting location to conduct business." Without waiting for an invitation she joined Anna on the leather sofa.

She was used to the Accorsi's eccentricities, but this felt more like a social call then an invitation to address their business.
 #3756  by Anna Accorsi
With an arm stretched across the back of the long, leather couch, her lit cigarette dangling from her finger tips, Anna had her eyes closed and her tilted upwards when a voice sounded to her right. Knowing immediately who it was without even having to look, the witch took a drag from her smoke.

"Business? Surely you know that the reason we summoned you tonight has nothing to do with business," Anna murmured in response, a grey colored smoke escaping her mouth with each word.
 #3802  by Harriet Doran
Harry brought her finger's to Anna's cigarette, took it and carried it to her lips. She took a long puff and let the smoke escape her lips in a long thin stream.

"I thought it would be, we usually go somewhere a bit more private when we tend to our other activities." She looked around the establishment. "And Tussio is there."
 #3968  by Anna Accorsi
She shrugged, "Tussio will join us later. He has been held up but when he gets here we will go. Is that alright or would you prefer to meet us at home?" Obviously the unanswered question about whether Harriet had the guts to leave Anna here alone hung in the air, but before the blonde even had a chance to answer the spoken and unspoken questions, Anna sat up and spun around in her seat. Resting her cigarette in the ashtray, she reached out to place a hand on Harriet's knee, "I do hope I'm not disappointing you, Harry."
 #3981  by Harriet Doran
"I am not disappointed. " She smiled lazily as she made herself a bit more comfortable on the sofa. If they were not here to conduct business, then she would make the most of what promised to be a pleasant evening.

That part of their relationship, the one that had just seemed to be there the moment she had taken her first meeting with them was a little secret she enjoyed far more than she should have allowed herself. "Although I do enjoy seeing you torture Tussio." Those two had a peculiar power dynamic, with Anna as brutal as a whip constantly snapping and Tussio taking the orders with only just enough resistance to make their interactions so sublimely enticing.
 #3996  by Anna Accorsi
"Perfect," Anna replied with a white, sharp grin full of teeth. It was always nice to spend alone time with their joint conquests, and Harriet had always been one of her favourites, mainly because when her and Harry got together, Tussio always seemed to not know what to do. They were both very head-strong opinionated woman and they night always, always ended with a bang. Tussio had always felt a little bit left out, but they tried their hardest not to neglect him.

"Where is your Mrs Grundy tonight?"
 #4063  by Harriet Doran
"She was still at the hotel when I left." Harriet didn't know if her protegée would take the opportunity of a night without Harriet to go out and enjoy herself, but she certainly hoped so. "I couldn't do half of it without her." It was quite a candid statement to make in front of Anna Accorsi, a woman who didn't seem to rely on anyone, but herself.
 #4095  by Anna Accorsi
Anna laughed lowly, "You seemed to do perfectly fine over here, though you did always have a certain weakness for loud-mouthed brunettes," She teased while stretching out a hand so she could tap the underside of the blondes chin, "They'll be your undoing one day Harry." The words were like a tender hug, but the nail she gently pushed into the woman's pulse point was not. It only lasted a second and just as quickly the dark haired woman was leaning back and reclaiming her cigarette.

"Now, tell me, are you seeing anybody? How is...what was his name? Fredrick?"
 #4145  by Harriet Doran
"You think?" She mused. She felt like marrying a tall, burly, greying man had already been her undoing. She kept her eyes on Anna as the woman's nails dug into her skin. The best part of playing with Anna was to see the woman trying to impose her power on her.

"I am not." She answered quickly, almost cuttingly. Her husband had barely been dead a year. "I loved him." Her eyes fell on her lap. Another display of weakness. Clearly Harry wouldn't be a hard prey to trap tonight.
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Anna nodded in understanding, "Ahhh, so now that you're a widow and no longer have your husbands permission to sleep around, you're going celibate?" She knew of course that that wasn't the case, Harriet was here after all but apparently the death of Persimmon Doran had effected the blonde more than she thought if she was willingly discarding an admirer who was probably one of the only men to treat her right.
 #4150  by Harriet Doran
"Like most men, Fredrick wanted things that were not yet his to take." He hadn't insisted but for Harriet, asking had been too much. She simply hadn't been ready to move on. She wasn't sure she would ever be.

"Tell me about you two. How is it that you manage to bring people into your marriage without letting it get between the two of you?"
 #4165  by Anna Accorsi
Anna made a noise of confirmation. Men was imbeciles, her husband included, it just so happened that she held enough fondness for Tussio to keep him around. The only man she would ever truly love was her son and half the time she wanted to strangle him to death. She did love him though, and she quite often found herself staring at Mateo and wondering when he had gotten so big, so grown up that she couldn't just reach out and rest his head against her bosom.

"We do it together. When we find ourselves interested in people we discuss it instead of bring betrayal into our marriage. It's quite simple when you've been married as long as we have."
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Harriet laughed. "Easy for the two of you perhaps." She had never heard of another couple who were quite as bold and in sync as the Accorsis when it came to adding a little spice to their union.

Suddenly struck by an urge to reach out and touch Anna's she took a long sip of her drink. Perhaps she should have agreed to meet them at home when she had been offered the chance.
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"Communication Harry, that's the main thing, but you were married once. Even if it was to a man old enough to be your father, so surely I don't have to tell you this," Anna smiled, knowing all to well that Harriet and Persimmon's marriage wasn't exactly simple nor was communication rife between them, but the blonde had loved the man and Anna had never found cause to question it.

"I'm coming to New York next month, will you put me up?"