A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #4185  by Harriet Doran
"Yes, communication must be a big part of it. "But Anna seemed to forget that most women could barely do anything without their husband's permission. How on earth did she think that a simple conversation was meant to make it easy for a couple to communicate? Women who spoke of their needs or desires were quickly disgraced and saw their virtues destroyed. "You are luck." Was all the blonde added. It was the most simple way to explain it.

Harriet smiled softly. What a enticing thought, she had never spent more than a few minutes alone with Anna. She wondered how it would be to spend evenings and mornings alone with her. "I will have a room ready." She scooted closer to the Accorsi matriarch. "How shameful that we are only allowed to play when Tussio is around." She whispered in the woman's ear. Because that was what would be most interesting. How were they meant to be around each other when they knew the night wouldn't amount with some sort of climax.
 #4193  by Anna Accorsi
Anna chuckled and leaned back into the leather sofa, her arm going around Harriet so that she could pull the blonde with her, "Yes, what a shame, but perhaps we can explore other areas of our relationship? I would like to get to know you outside of the bedroom and boardroom if you'd let me." It wasn't quite a lie, Anna was interested in striking up something of a friendship with the singer, but she also had ulterior motives to learning all that she could about Harriet.

"I also have a few people I'd like to introduce you to a while I am there."
 #4196  by Harriet Doran
Harriet nodded although she wasn't sure there was much to her outside of the boardroom considering she spent almost all of her waking hours at the nightclub.

"For social or professional purposes?" She inquired leaning into Anna. She put her hand on her own thigh and brought her leg closer to Anna's so that her fingers could brush against the woman's.
 #4221  by Anna Accorsi
"Hmm, both," Anna replied, swiftly crossing her legs and trapping Harriet's fingers between her thighs. She reached for her brandy and took a sip from it before lifting her arm from where she had it placed behind the blonde. Flicking the ash on the end of her cigarette into the tray, she took one last drag before stubbing it out all together.

"I have someone who I think might fit in perfectly at Merlin's, but they require a little...loosening up first."
 #4223  by Tussio Accorsi
Aggravated by the fact that he had been forced to deal with matters that should have been dealt with by his lieutenants, Tussio entered the establishment ready to leave it. The sight of his wife already getting cosy with their guest only exacerbated his irritation, seemed like he had been missing all the fun.

Tussio approached the two women doing his best to soften his features. "I'm sorry to be late ladies." He kissed his wife's cheek and put his hand over the hand that was trapped between his wife's thigh. He gave the hand a small squeeze before he left it into its trap.
 #4224  by Harriet Doran
Harriet smiled when she heard Tussio's voice, but did wonder if they had gone too far in the man's absence. Feeling his warm hand above hers, she was pleased to see that he made no attempt to remove her hand.

"Nice of you to join us, Tussio." Harry greeted. "Anna was just telling me about her upcoming trip to New York." Now that the man was caught up she brought her attention back to his wife. "Someone who would be a good employee you mean?" She inquired wondering what exactly Anna was suggesting.
 #4248  by Anna Accorsi
Anna knew as soon as her husband stepped foot into The Crypt because the shiver that ran up her spine was purely because of magical means, not because of the pretty blonde sitting to her right. It was the sad truth, but it made her accept Tussio's kiss with more eagerness than usual. Harriet was entertaining, but Tussio was far more interesting, especially when the magic they used to tether themselves to such establishments surfaced.

"Husband," She greeted him, the muscle in her thigh twitching as she cocked her head, her gaze not moving an inch from the blonde woman's face. Anna nodded, "Yes, but they won't go freely and they won't even look at you without seeing me first."
 #4277  by Harriet Doran
"Such mystery." The blonde commented with a frown. She appreciated the business she was conducting with the Accorsis, but she wasn't sure she felt comfortable with the idea of having one of there people present in the club at all times. Harry had come to enjoy her independency.

"What would their role be?" She inquired.
 #4285  by Anna Accorsi
"Why a singer of course," Anna replied with a self-satisfied grin, "That is what you're looking for isn't it?"
 #4333  by Anna Accorsi
She shook her head, her gaze flitting from the blonde next to her to her dear husband in front, "No, but Tussio knows whom I speak of don't you dear?" Anna smiled at the man who was currently simmering in either jealousy or anger, maybe even both, but what ever it was, it would eventually prove to be a great source of entertainment later.

"Garret Lange. Do you remember him Tussio? His daughter sang for us while playing the piano when we were in New York visiting Caterina for the new year?"
 #4342  by Harriet Doran
It is only when the man spoke that she noticed him sulking on his chair. Almost amused Harriet smiled, men could be so easy to offend.

"You came to New York and did not visit? Tussio, I expect better from you." Harriet reproached both of them teasingly.
 #4345  by Anna Accorsi
Reaching for the packet of cigarettes on the coffee table sat between the leather L couch, Anna picked it up and then frowned when she found nothing inside, "Tussio, my love, do you have a cigarette on you?" She waited for the man to hand one over before turning back to Harriet, only she unfolded her legs and shifted just so that her knees brushed the woman's but her body was more than a few inches out of reach, "We were there for business otherwise we would have."