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Location: Merlin's Nightclub • Date: January 1925

She left her office with a certain strut in her steps. She had gotten rid of Damon for the evening, she had already enjoyed a few drinks and the night's entertainment was as grand as her stage manager had promised; the manager was determined to have a good night.

She approached the bar with determination, one that came with ownership and pride. Harriet worked hard to make sure the club stayed afloat and sometimes, times like tonight, she felt like she was great at what she did. Noticing a figure at the bar, she was reminded of a promise she had made earlier. "I would like to apologize for leaving so suddenly earlier. There was business I needed to tend to, but now that it had been addressed I would like to personally thank you for you assistance." She gave the woman a warm smile. "Please allow me to offer you another." She pointed at Caterina's almost empty drink.
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Caterina sat with her back against the bar and her legs crossed neatly in front of her while she sporting a fire whiskey cocktail hybrid. The entertainment at Merlin's Nightclub was much better than the alcohol, but the drink left a pleasant warmness in her the pit of her stomach and Caterina really wasn't in the mood to complain tonight. It was alcohol and she was sure it would do the trick if she really wanted it to. Which she didn't. The redhead wasn't here to get drunk, no she was here to spend time with people who didn't look down their nose at her, or judge her for having a pair of breasts. This was a night to relax and unwind with passable entertainment and drinkable alcoholic beverage, and she couldn't be too picky really.

The musician had just finished doing his first set and was stepping down for a drink and a small break when the manager she had talked to briefly before appeared. Cat turned around, her legs swinging to face the blonde, "Actually, I think i'd just prefer a regular fire whiskey if that's alright."
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Harriet smiled. "Are you feeling adventurous?" She asked boldly before she moved behind the bar. She sliced a lemon, a lime, waved her wand and artfully a few bottles started floating towards a clean glass. Like a well rehearsed routine, her arms moved around the bottles as they poured various liquids in the glass, she squeezed the lime and the lemon juice in the glass. The bottles came to rest behind her on the bar.

She mixed the liquid bringing it to a golden coloured substance and placed the glass in front of the woman. "If you don't like it, I will give you your evening's worth in fire whiskey." Harriet promised with a playful smile.
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Caterina pursed her lips but nodded. Silently she took the glass, raised it to her lips and sniffed at it. It smelt...citrusy and it had a smokey undertone that the redhead would normally associate with fire whiskey, but this was different. This was almost like someone had dipped a burnt piece of paper in and then removed it, leaving a distinct smell behind.

It was all interesting and Caterina didn’t hestitate before taking a sip.

Closing her eyes at the bitterness of the lime and lemon, her lips puckered but it wasn’t because she didn’t enjoy it, in fact this concoction was quite delicious. Quite the difference from the last mix she’d had.

“Hmmm, interesting,”
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"Glad you think so," Harriet said with a playful smile. She prepared one for herself before she joined the woman back on the other side of the bar.

She sat on the stool next to the woman. "I'm Harriet," she introduced herself, she couldn't say why, but she a sort of kinship with the stranger.
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"Caterina," She greeted the woman, a small smile playing at the edges of her lips, though it was swiftly concealed by her glass as she took another sip. It really was quite delicious and the pleased sigh that escaped her said so.

Looking around the club, she indicated towards the room with a jerk of her chin, "So I was right in assuming you are the manager of this place?"
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Caterina raised her brow and chuckled quietly, "Well apart from the fact that I was a little worried someone was about to be killed in what I presume is your office, that woman who was following you looked at you like people used to look at my father; like he was in charge."

Turning to look about the room for the woman who had followed Harriet into the room, the redhead nodded towards the stage, "Does she sing? Your stage manager?"
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Harriet grinned unashamedly as her authority was being recognized. Not many gave her such pleasing compliments.

Harriet's eyes drifted to the side of the stage where she knew her stage manager was standing as she ruled behind the scenes. "She does. Sadly not as often as I would like." It was a tragedy that Daphne's true talent remain hidden.
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"Pity, I think I would be interesting in hearing something other than brass instruments tonight." Cat struck the roof of her mouth with her tongue dismissively but her eyes twinkled playfully. The toot of a trumpet sounded signally the band was starting up again and Caterina couldn't help but twist her mouth as if she was personally offended by the out of tune note. Her brother had played the trumpet, and he had taken great joy in keeping her up all night with it. The man at the front obviously had more skill than Lewis, but it still made the redhead curl her lip.

Picking up her drink to hide the obvious distaste., she turned back to Harriet and ran a hand through her hair, "I have a business proposition for you Harriet, one I think you'll quite enjoy."
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"That could be arranged." Harriet promised with a glint of playful mirth in her eyes. She took a cocktail napkin scribbled something on it and tapped it gently with her wand and it left the bar towards the stage. It would likely take a few minutes, but eventually Harriet would be able to offer Caterina a nice surprise.

She brought her attention back to her new companion as she was pleasantly surprised by the shift in conversation. "I am all ears." she pushed a strand of curly blonde hair behind her ear.
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Caterina watched Harriet send the napkin towards the stage silently, though her lips quirked knowingly. She probably wouldn't be here long enough to hear the next act end but she appreciated the gesture nonetheless.

"I work for the Wizarding World Today publication and we are looking to host a event and we were hoping to do it here."
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"We will happily host your event." Harriet confirmed with a small nod. "And I suspect this could be the beginning of a lasting relationship." She smiled cheekily. With the gesture of her wand a new glass slid close to Caterina.

The first few notes of the song she had requested started playing. "Allow me to oblige your request." The blonde said before the downed her drink and jumped off her stool. "I'll be right back." She caught the microphone that was levitating towards her and softly sung the first few notes of one of her favourite jazzy tune.

She sang every note with heart, her eyes never lingering anywhere until the last verse when she made a point of looking straight at Caterina. The last word leaving her lip as she sent a wink her way. She rarely sang during business hours, but when she did the staff seemed to take great pleasure in it. Most of them stopping whatever they were doing to listen to their boss.
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"I think so too," Caterina replied, taking a sip of her drink while she thought about how to approach the woman with her idea. How could she ask the woman to allow a band who never played here to play when her event happened?

She was pondering about this when the woman stood from her seat and then moved towards the stage. When Harriet started to sing, Caterina smiled and watched attentively, the blondes voice filling the nightclub and stopping everyone in her track.

Hmm, maybe she could request that Harriet perform for them as well.

Setting down her drink when the crowd broke out in applause, she joined in and bowed her head in respect as Harriet left the stage and made her way back to where they were singing.

"Well, wasn't that something. You have quite the voice Harriet. Why aren't you up there on a nightly basis?"
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"Because other responsibilities keep me away from the stage." The blonde answered with a small shrug as she hopped back onto her stool.

And it is those responsibilities that made her bring the conversation back to business. "As for your event, I will make sure that we take good care of your requests."

She really did feel like they were initiating a great business relationship.